5 Reasons To Buy iPad Pro 2021 11 inch

you know i think it’s fair to say that tech material authors right now myself included are paying too much attention to the brand new 12.9 inch ipad pro simply because it has the liquid retina xdr display which is fantastic of course with differentiate and hdr brightness and while this is exciting i think we’re forgetting about just how splendid the 11 inch word part is especially now with the implementation of m1 and there are clear advantages to going smaller so in this video i want to give you five reasons why it’s a better idea to go with this ipad opposed to its bigger brighter and more expensive brother reason number one this is the cheapest usable out of the box m1 manoeuvre and before you say noah what about the mac mini while i’ll say yes it is 6.99 my question is can you really use this like out of the box like can you really be like oh hello like let’s no you can’t because you need peripherals you need a exhibition and that’s an imac by the way but you get what i mean you need a keyboard and if you want to get anything halfway decent you’re gonna have to spend money on that well over a hundred dollars i think also too let me open the box now this is the baseline

11 inch it’s uh 7.99 opposed to 10.99 with the 12.9 inch by the way so large-hearted expenditure crack um we have a superb expose built in now as you know i can’t i can’t get the box open i don’t want all this substance to fall out oh there it is here we are but anyway we have a wonderful built-in display here it’s not xdr but it’s still liquid retina and it searches magnificent it has a 120 hertz freshen frequency uh and yeah it’s super colorful very bright and of course ipad os is touch-based you have a keyboard you can interact with the apps once again you can’t do that with the mac mini out of the box so if you’re looking for an m1 device this is technically the most cheap one rationale number two this thing is lighter and now thinner than the 12.9 inch because to implement that xdr showing apple must be given to attain the chassis thicker and heavier so it moved up from 5.9 millimeters thick up to 6.4 and up from 1.4 pounds to 1.5 so this thing is a chunker on top of being big so um this thing technically examines and feels a little better a little more airy a little more fun you know you can toss it around i wouldn’t do it if i were you but


um yeah this thing is just a lot more feasible force and thickness smart-alecky and i convey like it searches impossibly thin this thing does examine a mane lighter so if you’re into that if that’s important to you then by all means entered into with the 11 inch intellect multitude three battery life something that i concluded with the ipad pro patterns 2018 and up is that the 12.9 inch editions drain a bit more quickly albeit i’m somebody who utilizes you know auto or not no vehicle brightness i keep my brightness on the whole way up all the time which is probably stupid but even so i treat all my ipads the same and the 11 inch tends to last a little longer which is great if you’re on the go immense if you’re a student so for whatever reason i think that the bigger display the higher resolution display mind you on the 12.9 it precisely drains the artillery more even though there’s probably more artilleries in it um but i digress from what i’ve suffered you know not super scientific now but i’ve noticed this for the past like two years or so the 11 inch examples only don’t pump as fast so again if battery life is important to you if screen on time is important to you if you’re on the go blah blah the 11 inch is likely to be the one for you rationale figure four this thing is just so much more portable my boy isaac you know him as canoosi would definitely attest to this he is an 11 inch party i am a 12.9 inch person anyway what i’m trying to say here is that the 11 inch is just so much better to use when you’re on the go it’s easier to throw into a handbag or a smaller bag um it’s lighter and thinner once again which also helps like you don’t feel like you’re carrying around a tv everywhere and that is the one downside with the 12.9 inch although the canvas is huge um you do have to deal with its bigger length and thickness and value so yeah this is a lot better to like throw around and exactly have in one hand it’s more i don’t know only fun you know what i mean it’s more of the classic ipad width and like i said canoopsy desires it you should probably watch his material on this manoeuvre come through here and of course it has the m1 chip which is sort of the topic of our next rationalization or point now but before we move on to the final point here i want to give a big shout out to one of my path patronizes paperlike and of course their amazing screen protector which determines writing and drawing so much more engaging i was always a paper and pen and pencil

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person and i’ve been using this for over a year and it time forms exactly consuming the apple pencil so much better so i’ll leave a link in the video description if you’re interested in this accessory especially if you’re to purchase a new ipad pro and “if youre using” my relation it also facilitates the direct out as well and finally reason number five this thing is of course equally competent compared to the 12.9 inch even with its bigger spectacle because it has the same m1 chipping and let me tell you and i know i’ve said this before the m1 chip strengths my part inventive process albeit in imac 24 now and previously a macbook pro which i still use in half but yeah i mean i revise several series of 4k video slow motion in 4k i render 30 time plus videos all in good times the fact that this processor is in here the 11 inch is just crazy you can also get it equipped up to 16 gigs of ram which is just mind-blowing and it draws me think that apple has a brighter better future for ipad um of course there’s sort of like this theory about the mac and the ipad becoming one device but at the very least i think pretty soon we should expect some software updates that will make this device more pro perhaps it will be the implementation of final section pro that would be so great or better yet maybe maybe when you plug in your display into a observe with the thunderbolt port which is way better than the usb-c port on previous mannequins may be you can have sort of an extended desktop instead of it simply being reflected who are familiar with but what i’m saying is if that’s possible it doesn’t really matter what immensity ipad you have it just matters what kind of intestines you have in it and this has the same chip and the same ram capacity and storage capacity as its bigger brighter and more expensive brother like i said at the beginning of this video and that about folds things up here actually and i want to give two more shout outs first of all to canoopsy once again he made this amazing wallpaper back here he also made this wallpaper for ipad and

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also on mac i’ll show you it right speedy it’s really nice he’s worked fantastically hard on a site called and if you’re interested in experience or buying some of his wallpapers i’ll leave a link in the video description and i actually have an exclusive promo code that gives you 10 off on your next obtain on his site uh it’s wow what an amazing epoch i’m not kidding that’s what it is so if you want to use it go ahead and do that and i also want to introduce you to a new phenomenal breath tags supplementary from a company called follow paw and you can imagine what these are these are dog collars made out of truly high quality vegan stopper leather and the best part is there is a little compartment on now for an air tag which slips right in this is a pre-production model so they seem a little bit different apparently they’re more ergonomic for your puppy um but yeah here they are the clasp is really crisp it’s the best clasp or like whatever this thing is it’s the best one i’ve ever squandered um so yeah it’s a awesome collar leave a link to that as well um so you can track your pup with the attain my structure and give them a really high quality collar as well i don’t have a dog i hope they do “cat-o-nine-tail” supplementaries but i just had to share these i know the owner he’s a super cool guy he’s also drove very hard on this so go at least identify what this is a matter of so yeah that about packages things up here i hope this video was helpful i’d appreciate it you leave a like criticism if you have any questions suggestions or opinions and of course subscribe for more content like this i am shelve my ipad pro full review till tomorrow or perhaps tuesday or wednesday because i need to sleep like i need to go to sleep i need to regain some appearance of a normal life now after this ipad pro week that we’ve had i actually called it ipad pro blaze week in my scheduling and scheduling so i’m glad that it’s finally over or for the best part over so other than that and i will catch you all in the next one

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