Top 10 Features in One UI 4 Note 20 Ultra Update

so one ui 4.0 imparts quite a few interesting boasts but i’m going to talk about the ones that i think are really important firstly when you set up a wallpaper one ui4 will now let you choose a colour scheme that gels well with that wallpaper with this the most basic powers on your phone change their color including some stock apps like calculator and senses notifications still get a dark theme which i think looks really good next with one ui4 samsung cameras will be able to detect pet faces so let’s say you’ve got a dog or a cat at home and you want to use portrait mode on them the camera will spy their face and accordingly separate the background earlier this could only work on human faces but i’m super glad that it now works on domesticateds as well and you can see that if i go into gallery i can change background effects and i can pretty much apply all the effects that you could otherwise with human faces so i think this is really good next they’ve also made it a lot easier to find the freedom widget you can now get a very easy to search directory of widgets grouped by the app so if you’re looking for whatsapp widget you can either merely pursuing here or you could rapidly scroll down to w expand here to access the whatsapp widgets that have existed so earlier the shared panel used to be quite busy with all the apps testifying up so it was very difficult to find out which app you want to use but now

with one ui4 you can actually customize that so when you tap share go all the way to the right to more and then on the top right corner you’ll understand an revise icon and you are able to favorite your apps so as you tap them for example instagram whatsapp email anything that you think is more important than anything else you use those and then next time when you make share only those would come up front and everything else would be inside more and guys before we hop on to the next one i’ll be doing a couple of more interesting videos on one ui4 so if you’re interested make sure you hit the agree button and that bell notification icon all right now let’s move on now in earlier one ui explanations you will not get the option to open apps in split screen for all of the apps for example on instagram you wouldn’t see open in split screen but for gallery you would see it and let’s say i go into alexa yeah so here again you don’t see those options but with one ui4 you can actually force open apps in separate screen so if you go into settings boosted laboratories and this setting right here multi window for all apps if you turn that on now it doesn’t matter which app you’re in you would be able to open it in divide screen consider so it’s again an experimental feature so there might be faults with it but hey it’s here now and for you to use here’s a really good one one ui4 now has a solution that allows you to increase your battery’s lifespan so if you go into device care gives then into battery

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you’ll be able to limit charging all the way up to only 85 and that is really helpful it’s a jolly favourite technique to increase the lifespan of your artillery and that behavior your smartphone just lasts you for a longer number of years and who wouldn’t want that okay next at night frequently bedtime i would dim my screen the whole way down but sometimes that would not be enough and without installing third-party apps there was no way to go further down but one ui4 imparts something called as extra dim which is not available in your existing you know tray of positions but you’ll have to gather that out and then you can start using it and what that virtually does is it lowers your screen by an extra few nits and gives you lower the brightness than you could ever do with any previous one ui accounts and if you tap on extra dim into details you can actually increase the strength of that dimness and go really really dark coming to the next one i’ve always been a fan of always on display as a feature and i would generally use it to know if i have a notification or not but now there’s a deep-seated when the always-on display would only turn on when you get a notification which wants technically i don’t always need to have always on display turned on and you know with this setting turned on you can actually save about four to six percentage of your battery life on a daily basis as compared to let’s say you’re always on display was set to always on that i think is a huge benefit there’s also an update to bixby numbers and for those of you who don’t know what that is it’s an automation tool for your samsung smartphone it’s a phenomenal thing i’ll leave a video over here at the top right corner so do check it out after this video you can now create a routine based on two new if provisions one a

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specific keyword that comes to you as a notification and next during scold with a you know specific caller or with any call you can now create that as a condition and a few brand-new modernizes in the then region where you actually program your results firstly in communications you can connect or disconnect to a specific bluetooth device secondly if you go into advanced you’ll see you can now add wait times before acting certain actions and that lets you simply you are well aware do more complex and intelligent numbers now honestly i haven’t really thought of use cases when i can use these conditions in routines but i’ll think of some and be seen to what extent it certainly goes out so make sure you’re subscribed and you stumbled that bell notification icon that route the video comes out you know it first and lastly a very useful integration that samsung has had with their keyboard is that they’re now powered by grammarly so if you go into samsung decideds go into select third-party content to use there’s grammarly as an option which is turned off by default and you can turn it on and that highway you know if you’re writing emails or any professional theme it’s going to help you and it will recognize whatever is wrong with it and correct it for you and that’s pretty much it guys i necessitate there are quite a few more informs and pieces that have come with one ui4 but these are the ones that i felt really helpful useful for myself and i thought i’ll share with you guys all right that’s it guys if this was helpful make sure you hit that like button subscribe to the channel and smacked that bell notification icon i’ll see you guys in the next one you

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