Spike An All-in-One Free Email App for Android & iOS

spike it’s a super email app in addition to being a mighty neatly unionized email inbox you can send and receive emails in chat format create and manage undertakings and to-do indices collaborate with real-time note-taking send voice paroles unionize video ascertains administer data realise all feelings from one person in one place and preview them without downloading folders and so much better spike are working with your pre-existing email observes it’s completely free for personal use and you can use it on ios android pc web browser and even oculus seeking 2 and you can use majority of spikes pieces without asking other people to be on spike which i think is really great it revolutionaries all your emails by beings uttering it easier for you to find emails by a single person in one daddy so all emails all feelings all the talks with one person in one place of course you have the flexibility to change that and opt for something you’re more be applicable to and find cozy in fact if you chimes on the contact you can have access to all

the details and interactions that you’ve had with such person or persons including all files and emails ever exchanged you can even establish expres or video line-ups or chat with that person right there now just like gmail has primary inbox for important emails and other debits for irrelevant emails spike has a simpler priority inbox that are in your important emails while all promotional or update emails go into others spike earnestly tries to create more effectiveness by administering chat furor communications into traditional email format reaching interactions feel most natural and spontaneous but there’s more to this and that’s what acquires this email app an all-in-one and the first segment i want to talk about is super search it’s incredibly strong and instinctive for example let’s say i want to look at all feelings that i’ve received by certain person so i could just search for the person and filter by registers or let’s say i want to look at all the cross-files that “ive received” that have a keyword announced thumbnail so i just search for thumbnail filter by registries and there you go right there or let’s say i want to look at all emails from amazon with the word delivery so i look for delivery and it contextually demo me amazon as a filter so what’s happening is when you put in a keyword it goes through your emails and dynamically presents you with filters that are contextually relevant and by the way investigations across not only your emails or connects but extremely through memoranda and tasks that you form on spike which

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brings me to my second favorite oddity on spike detect making you can start a color from within the application and it has quite a few formatting abilities look at this note here for example i can select a word and spotlit it or change its colour i have heading modes checklists bullets i can standing gifs and photos and videos i can resize them move them around i can have tables i can even have attachments show up and if i tap on them the component previews open within spike so i don’t even have to download them on my computer or my tablet which is again amazing and so just like google docs you are eligible to have several people working on the document at the same time cooperate real period gratify revises excellent and as i said you don’t need other people to have spike you can send an invite to that mention to anyone on any email address and they will be able to come in and collaborate and now let’s talk about the next section that i really like sometimes mentions are not enough to explain or express or enunciate well enough and that’s when you need spokesman which is something that spike has and so just like chat you can send voice messages as a response to an email now enunciate materials sometimes can be easier to understand they save your time of typing out long emails and feel more personal and formerly you’re done cross-file precisely secrete the record button and you are eligible to stumbled send and the feeling theme just goes which toys on the other end and then if you extend on to voice you get video and that’s another amazing thing about spike is that

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you can create and schedule video receives right from within spike so let’s say you already have a group appointed on spike which is a really easy way to start video announces or you are in a multi-threaded um email chain so you can merely clangs on the video icon and it is sending out the invite to all the members involved and then you just have to tap on participate encounter and that’s it anyone can precisely join in and start chit-chat and you too get the option to share your screen which i think is a great collaboration tool and the amazing thing is that there is no time limit on these video announces you don’t need any third party apps or plugins the video request plods right out of the box you simply need the app with you spike utterly helps your workflow productivity and it plans your chaotic workflow which are frequently involves juggling between variou apps like slack zoom and other collaboration tools and why do you even want to feel stuck to an email system that gazes cluttered and outdated right as i said spike is free for personal utilize so give it a shot try it out and be seen to what extent it fits in your daily workflow anyway beings that’s it on spike i hope this was really helpful if you guys have any questions feel free to throw them in the comments section and if you liked the video leave a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and stumbled that buzzer notification icon i’ll see you guys in the next one

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