Galaxy Watch 4 6 Apps You Must Install

the galaxy watch 4 has a jolly lush showing it’s really colorful and bright and what can look really good on that are watch faces that are equally good see now the watch faces that come in the stock app are good and functional but you can get bored of them quite easily phaser is a watch face library that you can download from the frisk storage free of charge and it offers thousands of watch faces both free and paid and frankly there are all kinds of watch faces here analog digital negligible super funky cartoonish everything that you can think of and even before you apply you can customize the colorings and meet what it looks like you can see what the always on display is going to look like and you can preview a watch face on your watch before purchasing if at all compelled this next app is really interesting it converts your watchforce display into a trackpad so you can control the cursor of your mouse on your pc or your macbook you just have to make sure that all inventions including your phone are on the same wi-fi network as your pc and that’s it and i was quite surprised at how flawlessly it directed

you know the latency or the adjournment is quite low and you can see it right in front of you and this is all happening wirelessly the watch is communicating with the phone which is communicating with the pc and all over a wi-fi network and the app is called integrated remote full there’s another app which is for vlc and you can control a vlc participate from your watch abusing this app just something to know this next app is a pretty popular one but just in case if you don’t know you can propel pretty much any app by simple gesticulates and it makes again are you all right so you exactly sounds on the right edge of your screen from any app that you’re on attraction a gesticulate that you’ve assigned to a particular app or a function and the watch will launch it this is amazingly easy and it’s so rapid to launch any of these functions or apps because otherwise you have to scroll through a register of quite a few apps that you may have already installed or simply you know walk through app dials which can take time but this is really easy it’s called wear gesture launcher and you can configure all of these actions include more and then it exactly syncs with your watch and saves that gesture next one of the best things about these smart watches is that you can receive all your notifications and respond to them from the watch itself and that’s why you need something that allows you to sort fast and without moving too many mistakes and that’s where g committee as a keyboard comes into play so you can pretty much type the same way you are able to on phone calls by gliding over letters and convicts organize jolly fast just go into the play store on your watch look for g council it’ll be the first option only make sure it’s installed all right and before we move on a speedy

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shout out to our sponsors morning liquor which is a newsletter that i’ve been were in favour of for more than six to seven months now it’s an amazing style for me to get up to speed with business tech and finance bulletin within five minutes and it’s free comes from mondays to sundays and it’s not like those traditional boring thick-witted serious news it’s actually be drawn up in a very interesting way it’s amusing and it’s so much better than aimlessly scrolling through social media when i wake up i generally look forward to information on stocks and crypto because that’s what i’m currently invested in and just staying modernized is really important and there are also a couple of brand-new things i learned for example we finally have a who endorsed vaccine from malaria that’s great i’ve been absolutely bask morning brew and i think you would love it extremely it’s absolutely free and makes less than 15 seconds to subscribe so i’m gonna have the link in the description go ahead and subscribe to morning brew today and if you’re someone like me who soon wants to take a note down and don’t always have your phone with you but you don’t want to miss onto the idea must have google keep on your watch you can create checklists mentions add remembers to them all from your watch and it syncs with the actual google stop app so yeah if you’re someone who wants a very simple to do app or something to only swiftly take down tones i think this is perfect i personally use todoist and they have

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a really good wear os companion app that works flawlessly including a complication that you can add to your watch faces so it’s really good it directs amazingly well and yeah you can see your today duty or upcoming duties or your undertakings in inbox again if you’re using todoist and lastly you must have spotify i entail if you’ve buy the galaxy watch for and you don’t use spotify as your streaming service by default i think you’ve got a pretty big reason now merely because the integration of spotify app on the watch 4 is amazing first of all and the most important thing is that you can download your favorite songs keep them on the watch and listen to them offline and if you’ve got your earbuds connected immediately to the watch you don’t even need your phone and it’s possible that most of you have actually gotten yourself the wi-fi version of the watch which does not support lde and that intends having carols downloaded to your watch is really important if you want to be able to listen to music without your telephone and yeah you can control magnitude made like exactly only do all of that and that’s it guys those were six apps that i felt would really help you if you had them on your galaxy watch for i hope this video was helpful and if it was make sure you affected that like button subscribe to the channel and touched that bell notification icon i’ll see you guys in the next one

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