GPD Pocket 3 Another Modular Laptop

as a longtime fan of ultra compact pcs patently the one that i’m most jacked about right now is the valve steam deck but there’s a company that’s been innovating in this space since before the steam floor was even a glisten valve’s nose and that of course is gpd gratify the pocket three now if the steam deck is for gamers the pocket three is for everyone else it’s kind of like a modern take on the netbook remember those things those sluggish and thundering and kind of crappy cheapo pcs that were well about this size this is that but behavior better better cooling better io better quality of materials and most importantly better rendition okay supplements first of all man they have made a lot of improvements to this thing okay we got a hey a wrist leash remember wrist belts brandon what do you think is it gonna hold all right look at that they reached it linus proof we’ve got a type c two nature c cable looks like about a 60 watt sort c wall wart and that’s it that’s it that’s all for accessories let’s start on the outside because there’s some reasonably stripy substance going on here over on the left we’ve got hdmi out and usbc which is for charging as well as connecting peripherals then these are actually an hdmi and a usbc input one of the most obvious applications for this would be a server or something like that you time roll up to a machine push expending maybe a vga2 hdmi connection or time native hdmi and then anything to usb type c and spurt you can use the built-in screen and

keyboard and mouse to control that external device actually i guess we can we can probably demo this okay so my frame will take over the emcee persona this will be the target role boop just gonna casually do some substance like go to uh crazy okay for members of the public who don’t care i get it you don’t care but for the people that this is useful for this is blowing your sentiment right now and i know it i love it and get this on the subject of framework who by the way i am invested in disclosure they are now no longer the only ones constructing modular i o plates for their laptops let’s say you’re not that into the uh single port kvm functionality as they call this oh interesting oh cool it operations all spring-loaded pins for the interface back here check this out so these puppies really spring consignment so there’s no uh there’s no digits to kind of slide in and slither out and wear out check this out anthony this is gonna blow your intellect look at this modules for the brand-new gpd pocket is fabric so no no gpd is forming it uh they sent over a couple of the other modules they’ve got a serial module i know right or if you simply miss another usb 3 they’ve got that too i actually has got no idea what other modules they’re going to be coming out with in the future but oh there it is that’s what all those other pins are so those appear to be dedicated serial bolts so serial is one of those ports that again if you’re not into it you don’t care but humanities if you’ve got technical paraphernalium or some kind of industrial gear that still employs cereal having a properly compatible serial port in 2021 perfectly a valuable thing to have this module alone pretty much guarantees that this thing is not going back to the inventory pile because tap would come in

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handy all the freaking time now i haven’t even talked about specs yet this is a core i7 1195 g7 so you can expect this thing to actually pack a reasonably acceptable swipe extremely considering its size it’s got four cores eight strands and turbos up to five gigahertz it’s got 16 gigs of lpddr4x memory it’s got a one terabyte and dme ssd it actually supports pci express gen4 oh and too thunderbolt 4 which is pretty freaking awesome and it’s got intel xe graphics with 96 execution divisions which mostly necessitates in layman’s calls that you should be able to play modern casual competitions or even older aaa games on this thing on the go even though it’s not a gaming first design like say for example their win series thanks to gobi for sponsoring today’s video govi’s glide wall sunrises display up to 16 million colors at one time allowing for beautiful emblazon combos and spurting multi-color influences you can shape your lighting to your wording with the seven glide segments that are easily interchangeable and you can keep your gaming discussions and your parties vibrant and light with six reactive music modes they render hands-free voice control through alexa and the google deputy so that you can focus on the task at hand while converting things up on the fly and you can save over 35 percentage on govi makes during their black friday sale which we’re going to have joined down below they’re really exploiting the thickness of this thing that is a very substantial fan which i guess constructs ability given the kind of performance they’re bundle in now abusing a buy one ssd that does have a dram cache so that’s always good to see here’s our soldered recognition uh cpu is going to be right under now here’s where the module pushes in

antenna seems to go up into the display so it’s got wi-fi six now that’s funny because i mulled their spec expanse said ten thousand milliamp hour artilleries so aren’t there two of these yeah there’s two five thousand milliamp hour batteries okay so they must be stacked that is a lot of battery and if you’re using it exactly in exhibition and peripheral mode i guess that would actually last even longer now okay now i’m really puzzled can i use it in that mode when it’s not even when the computer itself is not even powered up no no i think it does in fact have to be powered on at least a little what is that a total of like 90 watt hours of artillery in a insignificant little manoeuvre like this this thing should previous a long time they actually rate it for about nine and a half hours of video playback symbolize you can get through all but the longest flights watching movies on something like this as usual for gpd they’ve got configurable tdp fits in the bios so you can play around with it if you want to optimize for battery life you can turn down the power consumption if wishes to optimize for carry-on you can do the opposite of that the retention extends at 37 33 megahertz so that’s such well that’s really fast for ddr4 but you need that when you’re using onboard graphics now if all this sounds expensive it’s because it is but thankfully this is not the only spec of this machine you can also get it with an intel pentium silver-tongued n6000 processor whatever that thing is eight gigs of ram ordinary intel uhd graphics no thunderbolt 4 but that will limit your external flaunt designs a little bit so this config it’s got hdmi 2.0 b so that’ll do what is that 4k 60 or whatever and then over the thunderbolt 4 port it’ll likewise do 8k 60.

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But that other version will only do dual 4k60 flaunts that one only subscribes pci express gen 3 and it only has 512 gigs of m. 2 storage okay now how does this work i’ve seen better fit and finish but typically these guys refer me an early test so it’s probably the event this time around as well right the base io usb 3 combo microphone headphone jack two and a half gig ethernet freaking awesome and of course those display outputs i mentioned before but the best part is in here and we need a point of reference for this this is the pocket two and pocket two neat machine surely more compact see that’s greatly smaller genuinely pocketable whereas this one is like ah yeah if you had a giant pocket you might get away with it i mean i could probably fit it in my pocket but you know i i wouldn’t say that that’s a pocket computer in the same way that this one is right different different levels but in terms of usability it’s a lot better so the pocket more is dependent upon the little breast for mouse piloting and had a keyboard that frankly was not usable pocket three on the other hand i love this so this seems to be kind of inspired by some of their other devices that have joysticks or controllers up here and this is great you’ve got this thumb touchpad fingerprint sensing influence button and then your left middle and right click buttons that are over here so this is how you use it and it’s not light-footed like i wouldn’t harbour it up like this and use it this is not the most comfortable thing

in the world but it’s not heavy either and if i’m sitting at a table soldier i could very easily extremely comfortably and for a long time use it like this and you don’t have to right so you can also you know have a hand on the keyboard still and you can use simply sounds in order to navigate or if you’re more into it you can go left click like this you can navigate like this it’s like it’s surprisingly resilient immediately i really like it and the keyboard is actually freaking usable on this one which is sort of a big deal because if this is a device that you’re expecting to serve the role of being your keyboard and mouse for another device you need it to actually be functional okay let’s okay the apostrophe is not where i expected it to be uh is that it okay there’s gonna be a bit of a study curve how much of a discover veer there’s going to be ages in the right place oh it’s really usable definitely going to take some training but there are changes on both sides which is a huge plus and all the major keys tab covers hold alt are pretty much where you’d expect them to be you don’t get a full capacity row but you do get some additional offices so this one you can adjust i believe this adjusts the follower chart something like that you’ve got your volume adjustment up now uh brightness of the screen is right here and then i don’t actually determine oh yeah here it is and here’s your keyboard backlight there’s just on and off for this now the screen one of the reasons why i had to turn it down is because it’ll do 500 in its peak brightness it’s 1920 x1200 which i think is the perfect resolution for a maneuver like this this is an eight-inch screen so you’re not gonna you’re not gonna learn the freaking pixels but you’re not gonna squander any superpower driving more pixels than you absolutely need and it’s an ips category expose which signifies looks like jolly freaking good oh yeah we haven’t even spoke about the fact that it’s a convertible now right if you exactly want to use it as a expose you can set it up like this if you want to use it more like a tablet it’s got support for their own active stylus it’s got support for the surface pen apparently it’ll do 4096 different levels of pressure now one thing that’s a little off about this unit is that the divergence on the left side and the crack on the right side are not the same so you can see it’s kind of sitting off

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kilter maybe that’s something you can kind of really yeah you know it also isn’t the most confidence inspiring hinge but it also hasn’t break-dance from me wrenching on it so you can establish of all of that what you will oh it has a webcam we can actually test that it’s over here on the left which i think is that’s a better settlement than having it under the display that’s for certain not great especially considering that we are under lighting conditions that are pretty favorable um yeah not the world’s greatest webcam it’s a nice video but oh my gosh and then almost like grayscale i can barely even tell that my hoodie can barely even is a well-known fact that my tooth is green it’s worth noting that neither form is cheap um the high-end one is around 300 u.s. dollars and that’s after the early bird discounts right that’s regular price yeah and then the locate one is still around a thousand us dollars so to me these are more of a tool than a doll but if you’re the kind of person who needs one of these for wield soldier you got to be looking at this going holy crap how did this not exist before my psyche is blown i need one i love it i like i is likely to be clearly saving this thing oh it’s playable oh i necessitate other than intel’s driver matters but let’s see if cs go fares a little better at least this is a game that’s officially supported i predict we could listen to the speakers they’re pretty rough i’d plug in your headphones emphatically realizing some fps immerses but if the question was can you play some video games on it i think the answer is yes well for thirteen hundred dollars i think that it’s possible that you were able to do a little bit better but the practicality brandon like think back all the years we’ve been doing this having to like run upstairs and seizure a observer and a keyboard and mouse when i could’ve just had this thing back at the langley house or whatever like it’s super cool ah knew well i got dead i didn’t hit him at all all righty then well penalize i accused the gpd pocket three it’s not a good gaming computer sorry sorry gpd in all seriousness though super cool machine great utility freaking love it a little pricey

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