Samsung Galaxy S22 Preview Shorts Review

this video is introduce into you by you green what’s up chaps we are here with some back-to-back exciting samsung galaxy s2 2 news and oh boy samsung is about to push the cameras to their absolute restrictions we’ve got the final camera details for the galaxy s2 ultra which discovers two new camera sensors it’s looking hot not just that we’re also gonna be taking a look at samsung’s next big camera move for the galaxy s23 ultra next year oh baby we’re gonna be talking about that as well plus there’s been a mystery galaxy smartphone from the future recognized in hands of one of samsung governors so we’re gonna talk about all this material make sure you touched that subscribe button and let’s get right into it before we mention the actual camera specs of the s22 ultra let’s take a look at what just happened samsung is cooking a brand new camera mode for the s22 ultra to really move this hundred and eight mega lo cell hm3 sensor to its restriction i “ve brought you” the expert raw camera mode this new expert raw camera mode allows you

to take full advantage of all the cameras and it can take 16 -bit raw output photos that is the best fresh operation you can get on any phone even the iphone 13 pro max is impossible to do 12 -bit raw photo which entails samsung is definitely pushing to a crazy statu not only that you can take raw photos exercising the telephoto lens we’re talking 3x 10 x and all the way up to 20 x zoom levels you can tell by the detail in these images that this is just amazing this expert camera procedure is currently in beta and it exclusively supports android 12 and patently it is for the s21 ultra reduce galaxy s22 ultra because these are the only two telephones with the iso cell hm3 108 mega sensor in the future this professional fresh camera mode will come built in with the s22 ultra’ s camera app even if they are the sensor is same as the s21 ultra the quality of images will get better on the s22 ultra thanks to the next gen hardware and isp it will be samsung’s best performing 108 megapixel idol sensor isomers completely exposed the final camera spec detail of the s22 ultra’ s camera and turns out samsung is introducing two brand-new telephoto sony camera sensors with 3x visual zoom and 10 x optical zoom wander thanks to the even better zoom lenses and the improved main camera sensor my fervour for the camera on the s22 ultra is back now if “youve had” the galaxy s21 ultra previously the biggest camera leave will happen in 2023 with the s23 ultra and before “i m talking about” that a big thanks to you lettuce for making this video possible the new u-green 100 watt fast charger has moved my life so much easier the small easy to carry charger has 100 watt supremacy with three usb c ports and one usb a port all sporting fast blaming protocols intending you can not only fast charge one phone but two phones or even three phones all the same time whether it’s the galaxy s21 ultra pixel 6 pro or the iphone you can also use this charger to fast indictment your macbook pro it’s cheaper smallest and comes at 100 watt superpower compared to apple’s 96 watt while offering numerou ports for other devices so you can charge everything it’s time to stop deport around variou chargers and really have one you green 100 watt fast charger to bill them all and best of all i’ve teamed up with you light-green to bring you guys a special offer check out the link in the description and use my special system for a special discount alrighty so in 2023 samsung will adopt the next-gen 200 megapixel sensor yes according to iso universe samsung’s next big camera jump will happen with the s23 ultra in 2023 samsung will likely create a better 200 mega sensor in comparison with the one that they have already announced which is actually for other brands like xiaomi and motorola the one that they’re gonna use for the s32 ultra could likely be the iso cell hm4 sensor not just that there’s also a possibility of interpreting the groundbreaking continual zoom lens which samsung has been working on for months so this is also rumored to happen in 2023.

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Now last but not the least samsung’s brand-new whodunit smartphone from the future has been spotted in the mitts of one of samsung chairmen and this device does looking a little like the s92 ultra but it’s got an extremely bowed exhibition and the top of the device inspections a little too thick there’s actually a prospect that we’re looking at samsung’s future rollable smartphone we’ve already seen tons of patents already for a rollable samsung smartphone and how it searches similar to galaxy document but with the extremely arcked parade this very will be our first look at samsung’s super futuristic rollable smartphone that will likely come next year in case you don’t know samsung has full plans to release volleyball smartphones in the future to really expand in the world of transformative smartphones expanding the galaxy z lines to a whole new level that’s all the news for today let me know your thoughts on the s22 ultra’ s camera improve and what do you think about the s23 ultra getting the 200 mega sensor if you guys are new here is secure to subscribe with that being said i’ll see you guys later serenity out

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