10 Reasons TO BUY an Oculus

so after my last-place video 10 reasonableness not to buy a seeking 2 got the highest proportion of shuns i’ve ever had i thought it’s only fair to do the flip side 10 reasonableness you are able to buy a adventure too just kidding though i was always going to make this video next so yes you should buy a search very and here’s why welcome to the vrc for your slice of virtual reality and cool tech don’t forget to subscribe and ding the bell if you like that kind of thing for those of you waiting for a tech video that will be the next video where i’ll be scrutinizing a really cool and of course cheap off-roady scooter before we get into the reasons i’d like to quickly thank the sponsor of this video vr ripple vr motion make awesome lenses that slot into your seeking 2 and other vr headsets like the hp reverb g2 the psvr and more the lenses are tailored to

your drug and allow you to finally see clearly in vr without glass they’ll compensate near-sighted and fast-sighted drugs as well as astigmatisms a magnetized layout means you can easily remove the lenses to share with friends and they can even protect your quest lenses from beings scratching them with their horrible glass and now they’ve been redesigned to be even better because now they’re much thinner and sleeker so if you encountered reviews and speculated the aged ones might have touched your snout and get in accordance with the arrangements these ones should not do that as i’ve said before having their lenses is like this i changed games game changer and they don’t time do lenses they now do a range of concoctions for your vr headsets so if you want to level up your search to make sure you check them out they’re running at 15 off auction during black friday and cyber monday so certainly go along and take a look the link to their website is down below and now back to this video and anyone who’s been here before will know that i do love the quest 2 though it isn’t without its matters if you’re on the fence about buying a quest to then make sure you check out both the last video 10 intellects not to buy as well as this one and do feel free to leave a like on the last one to even out for the scorns from people who didn’t even watch it so 10 concludes you are able to buy a journey too in we go reason number one is that it’s the cheapest record point to vr i mean good vr it’s eons better than crappy telephone vr your hands are amply moved you can walk around the room and you’ll walk around in the game you can even razz around but simply silly people do that well well at 299 for the 128 gigabyte version that’s plenty of room for sports and unlike other headsets you don’t need a pc only a little reminder as i’m sure there will be some people watching this who have no idea about vr but most headsets do need a potent pc to run the games not any old-time pc one with a good graphics placard these days an entry-level pc for vr will cost around a thousand dollars and it still won’t play all the games that well at 299 dollars that is all you need to pay and with the quest 2 you do not need anything else to enter the virtual world or the v ballad

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okay metaverse but facebook hijacked it so i’m a bit vexed number two it can do pcvr yes despite not needing a potent pc if you do happen to have a potent pc where you play your flight sims or your driving plays you can connect the quest to using a tie-in cable basically it’s just a long usb 3 cable that’s very cheap on amazon or you can even connect it wirelessly and then you can enjoy all those crisp super pc graphics on the quest very and then you can unplug it and play all the quest two activities again astounding digit three ogle mummy no cables because it’s totally portable and doesn’t need the pc you aren’t tethered to anything i can’t overstate how much better vr is without a cable attached to your head the quest 2 frees you from the wire which by the way is often a very annoying stiff and heavy wire that can really drag you down literally numeral four the quest 2 is the most popular vr headset game developers said that their gain skyrocketed once the quest 2 was released as so many parties bought one “its one” of the more popular gizmoes of christmas 2020 and is set to be very popular for christmas 2021 as well this conveys it will be supported by the company meta lots of games will be released for it and best of all you are able to never have a problem finding people to play multiplayer activities with oh god ben again count five plays are inexpensive and getting better and better at first most vr recreations were more like suffers like looking around a village sitting in a unnerving chamber or going on a roller coaster now there are loads of fully fledged plays available and with the esteem of the quest more are being liberated all the time we’re also starting to see more competitions with lots of depth like rpg play a township tail if you like crap-shooters there’s ladens of those consignments of problem recreations extremely it’s only really driving and flight simulators that feel underrepresented to me which is a shame as vr would be perfect for those categories there are driving plays like the bright sprint rush world

and there is a great warplanes game but i’d love to see a lot more there’s also a onu of free games both on the oculus store itself but also app lab which is like a second place to get games including the much affection gorilla tag and the counter-striking vr game pavlov with paid off plays generally coming in at under 10 up to around 20 to 30 for the expensive recreations you won’t have to spend a lot of fund to find things to do indeed some of the highest quality titles such as rec room and echo vr are absolutely free number six the quest itself is actually improving since it’s exhausted the quest 2 has had a load of revises including side moving freshen rate informs guardian system improvements and a entire legion of other improvements the quest 2 is almost a living breathing device that is constantly evolving the quest 2 of today is very different to the one that came out a year ago and it’s set to change even more as the zuckerberg hopes to entice as many beings into vr as possible number seven the quest 2 is perfectly customizable through supplementaries now i actually have this as a down point in my last video that you might have to customize it but it’s also a plus level because people like to customize things if you have problems with eyesight and “d rather” not wear oversized glass in vr then firms like the aforementioned vr gesticulate supply add-on lenses to assist you out there are a laded of substitution fastens accessible if you don’t like the stock headband some of them have got headphones to improve the sound others have got battery backpacks built in to allow you to play much longer and through add-ons it’s even possible to get both of those and everything else if there’s something you don’t like about the quest there’s probably an accessory to improve it and of course these supplements allow you to totally personalize your quest to make it your own even though you already owned it you know what i mean number eight the quest 2 is one of the highest spec headsets you can get it has super high-pitched resolutions tabled in nearly 4k which

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nearly entirely eliminates the screen door effect that besets other significantly more expensive headsets the processor is part of the cutting edge mobile chipset the xr2 it’ s faster in every route compared to the quest one and because of that we’re now starting to see sports that merely work on the quest more and this is ignoring the fact that it’s meant to be a self-contained vr headset that’s right the quest 2 is a better pc vr headset than most dedicated pc vr headsets and the pcvi headsets that do have higher solution or a better field of view still have that big huge problem that personally i would sacrifice a bit of resolution to solve the big-hearted stupid cable figure nine productivity that’s right you can now message people whilst in vr you can have as numerous observes as you like in vr and you can even get a keyboard tracked in vr so you can see what you’re typing apparently if you can already touch type then it’s not a problem but how cool would it be “if youre in” a develop and you get your bluetooth keyboard and begin work apart with four virtual observers with your seek two on and best of all you can still see your smothers because of the pass-through cameras on the quest some exasperating person deters “ve been staring at” you while you work drop a monitor on his head and finally reason 10 vr is just awesome okay it’s not really a search to specific reason but it’s something you’ll is conducive to if you buy one you can do so many cool things in vr like keep fit using fitness tournaments like fit xr which mostly sets on cardio fitness class for you boxing activity stimulate of the fight which really burns the calories like no other and then there’s the merriment rhythm tournaments like vanquish somber that also get you working up a sweat whilst you’re having fun playing a game there’s consignments of tournaments like this you can watch tv and movies in a beings cinema you can meet new people or meet up with friends and powwow up with people in vr is a whole lot better than just talking to a little face on the screen sometimes you are eligible to even forget that these are virtual representations of your friends in a post-covered world being able to do this is fantastic and if you miss your plays you are eligible to even play games like 11 table tennis or walkabout mini golf

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again practically with friends if you like and they feel pretty much like you’re doing the real thing and then something like echo vr which is a whole new sport in itself why not start a squad and have weekly practice this is the kind of thing that you can do in vr oh and the adventure 2 is actually the only currently reinforced headset that can play so i guess this was another reason to get a quest too not to mention fitness competitions are much better wireless and you can’t take a pc vr headset on a develop so yeah crusade 2 rationale then and as a bonus rationale we aren’t due to see a replacing or even a competitive for the quest 2 for a while during facebook connect they announced a headset there will be a lot more expensive than the quest 2 and it probably won’t be available for another year so you can get your quest to safe in the knowledge that it’s not about to be superseded pretty much right away as is what happened when i bought my seeking one of course that last one very much depends on when you’re watching this but if you’re thinking of getting one for christmas 2021 then you’re very safe indeed and that accompanies us to the end of this video again the quest two is not without its both problems and it won’t agree with some people so make sure you do check out my last-place video which is basically the opposite of this video also there’s still time to enter the giveaway to acquire a load of kiwi pattern supplements just go to my canal and find the last video that isn’t about vr it’s probably an e-bike or an e-scooter or something like that thank you again for coming this far into the video i really appreciate you curing me thump the youtube algorithm and coming the video put out there a bit more you can help further if you enjoyed the video by hitting the thumbs up button and if by chance you aren’t agreed then touched that glistening red button too thanks take care and i hope to see you next time

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