Infinix NOTE 11 Pro Unboxing! (How is this $250?)

what’s going on people it’s your “consumers ” now we don’t really cover a lot of entry-level or mid-range smartphones now on the canal so infinix wanted to sponsor a video in order to be allowed to take a look at one of their latest phones this right here is the note 11 pro from infinix and this is supposed to be a no endanger record degree telephone that has a few surprising pieces considers that it is price now expenditure varies depending on region but carl right off the bat what would you approximate 287 random it’s cheaper than that regardles it’s actually 249 bucks so really really inexpensive so let’s take a look at what infinix is offering now when you pick up the mention 11 pro you get a pretty standard sizing casket but if you take a quick look in the back you’ll experience a bunch of the specs scheduled out as well as some of the features you’ll find on the phone and when you sounds open the box you’ll immediately be greeted by the phone itself and my immediate first impression is that this thing has a huge display it’s a 6.9 inch full hd plus presentation but we’ll talk about that more in a second above that you’ll locate some paperwork a dispute but i wasn’t trying to see all that i saw something that was like a dollar so i wanted to see what that was all about but of course it was some promotional

paperwork for the x team app but taking a step back we do get this clear silicone case which “i m still” sentiment blown about that the inexpensive phones tend to come with these neat events that i think pretty much anybody would appreciate with a standard phone purchase under that you’ll do some more paperwork but something else that was really surprising was the fact that this thing came with a screen champion and not even exactly any regular screen protection a tempered glass screen protector so you can protect the phone right off the bat with a lawsuit honestly that’s kind of stuff you run to amazon for right after you purchase a phone but it’s all included here which is insane to me of course you get other things like the usbc to usb a accuse cable and you also get the charging brick which is a 33 watt charger so that you’ll get fast billing speedings with your invention but back to the note 11 pro once you unwrap this thing you can see just how enormous the display actually is it’s a pretty solid phone in the handwriting doesn’t have any metals around it but it unquestionably doesn’t feel super cheap it’s got this textured back that causes it a fairly unique feel but let’s take a closer look at the phone together all right chaps so here it is this is the infinix note 11 pro so this is a phone that basically they’re trying to propel fairly high-end specs and facets on a device that costs precisely a little bit more than 200 bucks so from a consumer standpoint i like what they’re trying to do here so let’s just take a quick look at the machine right so the one we’ve got right here is the mithril gray there’s the mist green and fog blue-blooded options as well it’s got like this textured back you see the light is pretty reflective on it but taking a look at the rest of the device we of course have usb type-c a headphone jack why aren’t those on flagships uh so they got the headphone jack over here the capability button

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actually has a fingerprint scanner built into it got the volume limits also on the right side and on the left side we’ve got the sim tray that can take up to two sim posters as well as a micro sd poster i feel like this is gonna be a video where i just maintain saying why don’t they have that on flagships anymore why don’t the government has that on flagships anymore it’s kind of crazy regardles in the center of the phone we have the hole punch so we’ve got a hole punch for the breast facing camera so we’ve got that full flaunt i believe it’s like a 91 screen to form ratio and back here we’ve got the cameras this is actually a 64 megapixel camera i believe they call it their 64 megapixel ai triple ultra nighttime camera there’s a lot riding on this land there’s this camera right here so are you gonna take some photos we’re gonna test it out see how it does uh and there’s also a degree sensor camera i believe this is a two megapixel camera and we’ve also got a 13 megapixel lens over here that can do up to a 30 times digital zoom and of course your flashing oh and the figurehead facing camera is actually 16 megapixels so we’ve got a lot going on over here not to mention this thing has a 5 000 milliamp hour artillery which is way up there so that’s good to see and i believe it’s running on the helios g96 processor so if you’ ve got a previous simulate of this telephone the g96 is supposed to provide a smoother experience for its users and this note 11 pro is one of the first to incorporate this chipset the g96 is the latest module of the helio g sequences and infinix is one of the first to use it they say that should be good for gaming they’ve got some gaming features in here we’ll do some gaming ranges uh see how it goes but one other spec that’s also called speaking about gaming is that this thing is actually flowing a 120 hertz freshen rate for the screen so that’s flagship

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level stuff i feel like on paper this thing’s got quite a bit going for it storage guys 128 gigs of storage on this damn right that’s that’s impressive i feel like this phone is definitely trying to bring a lot of like what we expect to see on flagships down to a very affordable price and it seems like their big assignment to alter what the entry-level phone is supposed to bring to the counter this is actually a really good starting point but let’s do a duo things let’s take a few photos maybe moved a marry games be seen to what extent it does so we’ve got that 16 megapixel front-facing camera i’m gonna take a selfie real quick i’m gonna take a selfie real quick let’s see how it does oh delightful you can use the fingerprint sensor as a shutter i like that there’s a burst in the front wait a second i’ve literally never seen this before on any telephone that’s cool you guys so this is a 16 megapixel front-facing camera i think this is i think that’s pretty solid actually all right let me get a picture of carl okay the highlights are a little a little crazy on this one but for the most part we’ve been coming some pretty good shots it’s actually really impressive now there’s supposed to be like a 30 terms digital zoom now i don’t care how good any camera is 30 period digital zoom digital that’s a lot that’s a lot to ask for huh oh yeah it even gives you the little the box so you can see exactly where you’re pointing and not bad i that’s 30 durations not bad i would never use 30 occasions for like anything but it’s it’s cool that it’s there i’m not mad at it all right now forget the camera let’s actually talk about really navigating the phone so we are running at 120 hertz so it should be like a really smooth experience as you scroll down the icons you guys can just see it’s nice and clean sounding i like the living here too so this is their xos that’s the name of their operating system it does feed android 11 so recent android and it’s actually pretty smooth so let’s let’s jump into a game and see how smooth it really is because you guys know we’ve got those high enclose charges we’re going to want to see how it is gaming smart all right so we’ve got some injustice running here it looks like this definitely looks

smoother than your standard screen now this thing does have game procedures so it’ll optimize your gaming know you can do things like shut off notifications so that you’re not interrupted while gaming can stop calls all that good trash and from what my sees can tell it looks like this thing is definitely guiding at like a higher frame rate than service standards 60 that we assure on a good deal of telephones so uh i can’t be mad at that and this one is supposed to have like this optimizing feature for gaming called the dar link 2.0 ultimate tournament booster and infinix mostly compounds the g96 processor with its own software to boost the gaming know and mostly this thing is using ai to improve image stability touch sensitivity i believe this phone also has a 108 hz touch sampling proportion so it inputs touches even faster than the 120 hertz uh which is insane but it also is supposed to do all of that while reducing the temperature so how do they reach this price point i’m not too sure because it really feels like they’re throwing just like a lot into this phone all right so last thing let’s let’s throw on a video right youtube oh oh your average consumer video why not this thing sounds like it has some pretty solid speakers i love the way our video examinations on this chair yeah it looks pretty clean huh but alright guys this was our look at the infinix observe 11 pro a highly very surprising phone to me i’m really strange about what other smartphones exist out there that have these various kinds of specs you know we’re used to hearing about all the mainstream flagship devices that “ve got all the” crazy specs but it feels like the record tier to mid-range smartphones

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have way more alternatives out there than “ive ever” imagined possible so immense shout out to infinix for like letting us know that this is a thing and if this is like your first time hearing about the infinix symbol they’re basically playing with samsung and redmi in emerging markets and they’ve been doing pretty well so surely contesting with very good of them to deliver a fascinating present at this price level and you guys see it for yourself this thing is checking off a lot of the boxes even though this is at the entryway rank but if you guys are interested in me including maybe more smartphones within like the entry-level price range like that this is 200 horses it’s insane let me know with a comment down below should should we be talking more about this stuff i want to know what you guys ponder but that about packages up this video guys hopefully you experienced it if you did be the cool person or girl that presents this video a thumbs up i’m gonna catch you guys in the next one till then it’s your “consumers ” quietnes it’s not bad

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