GoPro Hero 10 | with the new Processor 2x the Power Full Review

Don’t you guys cherish how every GoPro clip everstarts off with person disappearing like it’s likea super flattering angle just like is this thingworking? like we look like cavemen now we have afront-facing display so i know exactly what thecamera is doing so that is nice let me go aheadand merely fling all the specs up in the sky so idon’t have to go oh, 5.3 k at 60 chassis per secondeverything’s basically doubled all right GoProseems to be all about inducing the most powerfulaction cameras that they can pack into this littlebody we have a GP2 processor which gives us morepower more frame proportions better quality and allthe other stuff that a better processor does iguess but the processor hasn’t been modernized sincethe Hero 6.

So this has been a long time coming ilove that we have huge 240 frames per second solet’s go ahead and start off by testing that off having 240 formulates per second at 2.7 k is awesomeeven if you ramp up the rush it was better lookspretty good because it’s 2.

7 k and you can justpick out your favorite moments and slow thatway down if you think about it it actually hasbetter chassis rates than the a7S so the amount ofpower that they’re pack into this little camerareally impressive now looking at the body itselfit’s pretty much identical to the previous Hero9 except for the blue logo and markings on theside but that’s pretty cool because thatmeans a great deal of the accessories includingbattery cover the lens they all fit with eachother they likewise make a nice little update to thelens cover by making it more scratching resistant andalso hydrophobic so if you’re filming in the wateror liquid gets splashed onto the lens instead ofit blobbing onto your lens and blurring out yourimage is gonna wick it off now if you own the Hero9 that’s good news because you can go ahead andtake this updated cover and attach it to your 9so you kind of get a little upgrade there now thisis the media mod i bought for the Hero 9 but goodnews since we’re still dealing with the same sizecamera it directs just fine they say pretty muchevery accessory for the 9 should work with the 10. now this media mod is awesome because it hasthat 3.5 mil input i used can fasten this externalmic merely thing is when i have this dead cat uphere it does dip into the frame reasonably regularlybut good thing is we have another cold shoe onthis media mod right here on the side so i canthrow it on there and that gives me a little bitmore space but it still does dip into frame prettyregularly so i either have to give this deadcat a little trim or build in some sort of wayto angle this cold shoe or maybe a spacer buthere we go a little ultra compact vlog setup solet’s go and make this out for a little spinhey Dylan what is that announce do you hear itit’s beautiful it’s almost as beautifulas music from our sponsor Epidemic Soundis that corny? Epidemic Sound is a service thati’ve been using since pretty much the beginning ofthis youtube channel massive selection of truly highquality music and with an account or subscriptionyou can use as many of their psalms as you require soall the music in this video is from their librarybut Dylan what are your thoughts on EpidemicSound? they say a illustrate is worth a thousandwords this being a video that’s like more thana thousand privilege but you know it’s more than athousand likewise Epidemic Sound’s library of over3 0 000 music moves from world-class composersbands and masters with new roads being addedevery week why do you always talk like thatwhenever we do a sponsorship segment like youknow you can just say like a regular personright normal?

another statement for regular is averagewhich is the exact opposite of Epidemic Soundwhat they are is extraordinary Epidemic Soundhas over 90 000 din consequences perfect foranything you’re ever thoughts and things thateven your unconscious hasn’t even thought ofyet so for example if i wanted to express thelonely feeling i have when i have a great ideaand Gene just says it’s bad i can get the kindof windy kind of howl that i feel in my souljust like that or a perforate sound influence no youreacted too early but but my pierce chassis wasperfect oh appear who’s facetiming me right now hiMatti i’m filming right now and you just happenedto call yeah did you get a boat too? a barge oh mygosh you’re missing out you got a boat they sentme this selfie persist and i reviewed this was prettycool but you got a boat Matti thinks he’s socool because of his rc but i’ll show him cool ohsnap you know what this this will work just fine let’s pause here and let me show you my timelinereal quick because this is pretty cool you’llsee that i apply some typing chime accomplishes which ididn’t actually record i caught it off epidemicbecause i’m lazy and the government has like a milliondifferent versions of the type and the clickingbut you’ll was noted that these four layers herethey’re four separate tracks and that’s becausewith Epidemic Sound you can download the fullsong or you can download the stems which iseach instrument separated so we have the drumsthe bass the instruments and the tune and youcan separate them and even though i’m cutting intothis song halfway in i want it to sound like it’sthe beginning of the song naturally so i fadein each instrument at different times so i geta lot of self-control by having the roots and let’ssay you’re editing this really epic montage butyou want to cut away to some dialogue realquick or atmosphere it down we are able to time immerse out a fewinstruments and make it seem really simplehuge fan of Epidemic for always stipulate uswith those roots so we have full assure of themusic i’m gonna heave a associate down there in thedescription which will give you a completely freetrial so you can try them out and view for yourselfand let’s get back to it all right we have madeit to Catalina Island and we’re riding bikes whichis why i’m wearing this goofy appearing helmetbut hey as Kari would say safety is sexy right does it gape breathtaking in 5.3 k i also havethe media mod on now which doesn’t reallyaffect the epitome aspect but i do have the RodeWireless Go 2 on here so i have my microphoneover here and Kari’s also went her microphone i’mnot placing at my tit i’m objecting at the micexactly it’s

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kind of nice not having to worryabout distance i could be like hey Kari what doyou think about rabbits and she can answer fromall the way over there they’re so fluffy and cuteand also when it comes to color the 9 gave usthe GoPro flat option and GoPro color but thisone has three modes there’s the flat account andthen there is the natural option and then finallythere’s the colourful option isn’t it kind of nicethat you could actually see yourself with thatlittle screen up front yeah that’s new the otherones don’t have that? well it started with theHero 9 and now the 10 has it so it’s definitelyhelpful and it’s actually a nice enoughsize screen where i can really monitor theframing i am aware my composition’s good i knowKari’s in the background i could see if i’m stillin the background so i can like weasel my way outthe frame get out of there no you’re not losingthis by the way this is Catalina Island it’s alittle island right off of Los Angelesit’s about an hour of a boat ride out herei want to go to the Catalina wine mixer thewine mixer oh my god this would be the worstcliff to fall off of look at all that cactusit’d be really painful on the way down justdo you think there’s a live over there now maybesince you’re 5.3 k only digitally zoom in i thinkthat’s just the zip strand oh is that a nothing lineyeah in case this appears very GoPro-y and not enoughdynamic range let me switch over to flat andlet’s see how that inspections so we’re gonna have tocolor grade this so it doesn’t look so monotonou butthat should give me a little bit more range and ihave also noticed that GoPro tends to overexposejust a little so i have also set the EV Compto minus 0.

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5 so this is gonna somewhat slightlydarken everything so i don’t clip my highlightsbut yeah this is very pleasant vlogging with thiscamera i will say that vlogging on a GoPro is muchmore pleasant than trying to do this on like ana7S i symbolize riding a motorcycle like this with the a7S iprobably wouldn’t really trust myself but i’m justchilling now and i’m likewise employing the selfie stickthat GoPro sent over and this thing’s actuallypretty cool all right so let me go ahead andjust show you what this setup looks like so here’sthe camera you have your front facing spectacle sowe can see what we’re working with we’ve gotthe Rode receiver up there and the media modand then this is a little selfie stick that GoProsent and this thing’s pretty clever actually it’sa little tripod down here but it has a fewpoints and you can make it into a selfie stickor if you have a tripod mode you could have itset at different summits so it’s pretty cool i’mactually excavating this thing Kari you could evenvlog with this i don’t like vlogging i’m on a bikewe leased these e-bikes and they’re kind of trasharen’t they like we haven’t been razz that muchalready halfway through our battery and thesebrakes oh my gosh ugh my brakes are going outit’s an easy vlog setup huh yeah this is veryeasy especially when you just clip on the micslike this like i feel like this is good forsomeone like me who’s very inexperienced anddoesn’t know what i’m doing with these things wellwhat’s nice about vlogging on a GoPro is you’renot worried about you know setting that exposureright you only kind of press the record buttonand it generally suspects all the puts foryou and although it always looks like an actioncamera it still looks pretty decent couldn’t youput this on one of those like one of those tinylittle gimbals? well actually you don’t reallyneed a gimbal for GoPros because the stabilizationthat’s built in is really good at least whenit’s daytime and colors like this becauseyou can digitally stabilize the footage whenit’s really bright and each enclose is very crispybut once you go into low lighting where every framemight be kind of blurry it doesn’t looking as good tostabilize that like right now it probably lookslike you’re on a gimbal even though Kari’s liketrying not to fall off this cliff and ridingthis bicycle one-handed i’m gonna go ahead andshoot this completely unstabilized so i can runit through ReelSteady which is the aftermarketplug-in to get the best stabilization and that’sgonna give me the buttery smooth floating

likefootage now GoPro says with the brand-new GP2 processorwe’ re able to get cleaner low-grade lights and i haveactually noticed some positive developments especially insome of the dark areas of the enclose seems like alittle bit less interference rushing around in thereand some parts do seem a little bit brighterit’s nothing substantial but with action camerasalways being so bad in low-toned light-colored any improvementi will take also shout out to this company3 Footed Monster they referred me this mountfor this GoPro and at first i considered nothingspecial it’s just another suction attach but turnsout it’s magnetic and it’s a pretty strong magnetand you can also see that there’s springtimes on herethat really help absorb tremors i predict theydeveloped this to put on race cars but it’s alsorubbery so it’s not gonna scratch up the paintthey too give me a bigger one extremely that i canuse for something like this a7S but pretty cooli supposed the relevant recommendations and concept was pretty coolthought i’d share but before i give the officialthumbs up to this magnetic organize i figured i’lltry to shake it off the Tesla and if it does flyoff then i will disavow the recommendation andprobably cry because this GoPro Hero 10 that’s onthere’s like $500 that’s a pretty expensive cameracompared to the other ones but if you do get theGoPro subscription thingy then you can get it at $399 so i think i could make this thing putit in line procedure and let’s go into stray procedure i’m not going to be able to shake this thing offand this is the model 3 operation and i canfloor it and it’s not even going to come closeto getting loose so good position 3 Footed Monsterthey also transmitted us some Vegmite or Vegemite i don’tknow how you stress it but apparently it’s someAustralian glue thing that they dine over there sothey sent some over for us to try apparently a lotof Americans think it’s kind of horrible but we arealso funding another campaign for the potato farmDylan who’s it going to be this time thisis for Brian from Miami so Brian wants tomake a short nature film about the Everglades soonce he’s finished he is intended to gift his filmto local

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environmental groups for advertising socongratulations money coming your channel if youhave an idea to pitch us make us know constitute downthere in the description this is kind of a niceway to vlog isn’t it it’s like it’s super chillyou know i don’t even have to hold the camerawe’re just driving can you imagine if they didlike a podcast like this we were stuck in trafficit’s like yeah for an hour-long podcast it’sjust beings the hell is micced up and you got likecameras outside there’s a few people that havedone that well there’s like the getting coffeein cars well even one EDM DJ did that is it likeDeadmau5 but hey i could see why this is appealingbecause it’s just shivering you know vlogging we’realways like we gotta go to this cool place andhold this camera and everyone looks at us likewe’re crazy but you know this is pretty chilloh shoot i need to get a thumbnail so i shouldprobably pull over and let’s click some real quicki’m pretending to press buttons now some of you’vebeen asking about how our restorations been goingand we have ourselves a kitchen now seem we gotthe sink from IKEA it was like a hundred horses andyou know it studies we can wash meals here we arestill expending our brew pong table for the countersbut we’ll eventually got to get but apparentlythis is the stuff right here what it’s justsuper flavorful or something it’s flavored fullof something it’s not spicy right no it’s notit’s just like what additional flavorful how bad couldit be right that’s acclaimed last word encourages applauses clearly i was missing out oh gosh itstarted off almost like a remain of butterand then it had this like really

weird smell toit and then i just couldn’t do it oh yeah yeahyou know what we need to do is like go thisand set it inside like a chocolate muffin orsomething got a chocolate cupcake for youbut regardless that’s here i am thinking the next videowe’re making is about these Rode wireless Go2 this thing’s actually pretty awesome i haveran into a few issues with it and i’ll kindof go over all that in the next video but ifyou have questions about this let me know in thecomments and we will see you on the next one later

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