Huawei Nova 9 Unboxing & Full Review

Today huawei has liberated many new techitems and one of them is this right here thenova 9 that they sent out to me to reviewso this is a 6.57 inch phone it does havea oled screen with a bow to it 120 hertzit is all powered by the snapdragon 778 g and we’ve got a 50 megapixel main camera it’s ayouth focused phone according to huawei it’s slimand it is light so let’s check it out in detailincluded with the phone we get a sim tray implement aclear tpu contingency which of course does fit the phoneperfectly our type a to type c cable and then thecharger which is huawei’s supercharged 66 wattsand it takes 38 instants to fully accuse the phoneit’s a 6.53 inch telephone the heavines of it i reallydo like it’s only 175 grams and the thickness veryvery slim at only 7.77 millimeters so you can seethat here on the right of the phone we’ve got apower button volume up and down the enclose aroundthe outside is plastic with an inner composite frameto it i’ve seen this before with other telephones andthe approval information here this is plastic so inhand yes it doesn’t feel as premium as some ofthe other phones due to the materials exerted but ilike how light-headed it is it’s only 175 grams and thenthe thickness awfully very good just 7.77 millimetersnow this is their starry blue color they callit and you can see as i move it there it shiftsbetween a blue and a purple it has this textureto it which is very nice and it doesn’t pick upany fingerprints at all which is a definitepositive and on camera so the main camera in thisone is a 50 megapixel ryyb colour array filtersensor now it does not have any optical imagestabilization we have an 8 megapixel ultra wideand then two 2 megapixel cameras once for depththe other is for macro and our camera here atthe top this one’s 32 megapixels and it can shoot4k video which not even a great deal of flagships can doit has electronic portrait stabilization so we’ve gota veered glass screen on this one the edge as youcan see there arch and wrap around a little bitbut nothing as extreme as what we have with themate 40 pros you can see that goes right aroundthe edges so there is a little bit of emblazon shiftright on that

edge due to the oled there which is6. 57 inches 120 hertz this particular screen andthe bezels are about the same as their flagshipsbut what i do like is we have no more doubled cutout here with the front facing camera merely thatsingle cut off and then down the bottom wedo have a category c port regrettably no videoout substantiate single loudspeaker on this phoneso there is no secondary one in the earpieceas a single loudspeaker the work of it’s goodit does sound reasonably good the quality andi’ll give you a sample of it later on microphoneand our sim tray which makes two nano sims andup the top time a single lonely microphonethere’s no ir transmitter with this phonei roll in terms of build i do like it yes it isplastic chiefly but of course we do have scratchresistant glass on the front the weight of itis the best thing about it truly for me it’slightweight extremely come an iphone 13 pro max which is heavy chunky this feels so slimand light to me a little bit more on that screenof course so peak brightness that i havemeasured with my rhythm it does top out at over9 00 nits it’s oled so pitch-blacks search very deep nowas i mentioned before that there’s a little bit ofcolor shifting you experience right on the curvature tothat screen why have they swerved it well i preferactually simply completely flat screens but i mustadmit that when you’re nursing it in hand withthe veer it does feel a little better but stilli would prefer myself anyway to have a flat screennow you get your typical alternatives now with displaywith android 11 that this is running with emui 12. so we’ve got gloom mode i comfort ebook state turnseverything black and white you can adjust yourscaling there and you have a dynamic resolutionthat they do use or refresh charge so i force therefresh rate now on to high-pitched 120 hertz now it doesincorporate dc dimming this panel so i don’t seeany flicker coming through at all with it which isgreat and even at very low volumes lower brightnessesshould i say no pulsate thicknes modulation flickerso smart-alecky resolving you can use that before when idid my artillery

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life test i had forced it onto highand can you tell the difference between the lowerresolution and then high-pitched it’s actually quitedifficult you need to look at the phone screenvery closely and you do notice then that okay yesit ogles quite a bit sharper handle responseexcellent we have 300 hertz impres samplingrate with this the screen does support hdr andit’s also a 10 -bit panel they’re using of coursewith the oled there so all up this is a flagshiplevel screen and just how am i getting on withapplication support with of course app galleryso a lot of the apps that you would want mostof them are there now with a lot more it keepsimproving and it’s getting better now over thelast year or so that i have been reviewing theirphones last year and a half or so i can see this ican see the improvements more makes coming onboard for example here i probed geekbench i wantgeekbench but it’s not actually in app gallerythe good thing is it incorporates pedal searchand that will then find where i can actuallyget geekbench the apk enter now you go overthere to their website and you can install theapk file and apart you go so no real problemsso more and more apps are being supported you’llfind them in there and what about the performanceof this rom i located it to be excellent it’s supersmooth it runs at a suitable 120 makes per secondmatching the 120 hertz i have selected i haven’tencountered any defects or issues so far apart fromone thing i’ve noticed that sometimes the screenseems to dim down by itself even though i don’thave automatic brightness define here now we dohave nfc on board with this particular phone tooso it’s just really that the brightness thing is avery minor complaint for me that it seems to havechanged on its own because in the lays i havethe adaptive brightness automobile brightness turned offand it seems to fluctuate a little bit whichmight be some sort of battery saving piece idon’t really know now when you take your

shinynice brand-new phone out of the box out of the wrapand you capability it up you’re going tohave about 107 gigabytes free of storagebut remember there is no expandability does notsupport micro sd cards or their own format no sothat’s it that’s all you’ve got you can get ofcourse a larger capacity if there is a requirement to more eightgigabytes of ram with this particular model andthat does aid in the performance of this makingthe phone exceedingly fluid and smooth for me and myexperience with it now so we get a few bloatwareapplications we ascertain a good deal of producers doingthis and i really wish they are able to tone downso all of these ones now those ones therethey’re actually merely proposed apps foryou to install they’re not fully invested it’slike a placeholder but still i had to spend aboutfive or six hours going through and removingthose and the other bloatware apps which is alittle inconvenience there and pestering and i wishthey would tone down on that app gallery does alsohave ads when you get into it it will occasionallyshow you a full screen ad for a few seconds whichof course i bid was not there so ufs 3.1 storagea very quick look at these fasts right here sothe random reads and writes look great sequentialreads and writes are fast too which is very goodthere and that is not going to be holding up thisparticular phone so here is our antutu score thisis version 9.

It actually feels a lot fasterthan the score the ui operation is so goodand fast i would think it was maybe a flagshiptop-end chipset but it’s not the snapdragon 778 g is a higher end well a mid-range chip thereand the implementation of its here it’s good i think formost people this is going to be absolutely fine sostill good for recreations and members of the general performanceis great it’s not going to slowdown it’s not goingto slow down on you geekbench 5 orchestrate here toothat’s fine for this particular chipset it’s kindof what you’d expect and this here is a minor conso we don’t have unfortunately widevine levelone cert so netflix amazon primary video otherstreaming services due to this drm cert here aregoing to be in just standard clarity with sucha delightful screen ah that’s disappointing so i hopea firmware update can at least give us netflixsupport and widevine level one later on i dohope they can address that wireless

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performancevery good moves top out at flagship level9 88 megabits per second close to my wi-fisix-spec router so that’s wi-fi ax really goodand then the lower moves downstairs stillexcellent and no problems with it at all batterylife so i set the resolution to the highest okayand i too gave the freshen charge to 120 hertzthis result it’s okay it’s not amazing it’s notbad i’d say it’s median so yourreal world use will be approximatelyseven hours to six and a half at 120 hertznow if you use 60 hertz or if you decideto use the dynamic resolution which lowersthe resolution down depending on the contentor the dynamic refresh rate you will be able tosqueeze out a few cases more hours of on-screen timethe charge day for this telephone it is 38 minutesofficially i usually get about 40 41 minutesnow youtube backing you can use a browser and it’sone direction of accessing and goal videos on youtubethere is another application um youtube advancewhich yeah i don’t agree with at all because itblocks out adverts and it really kills youtubecreators so don’t use it use the browser insteadthank you but let’s have a listen to the speakersnow on this or should i say speaker there’s justone down now and remember it does not support3. 5 millimeter supplements headphones so youneed to use that the type c to 3.

5 adapter thisone’s not included but it’s one i’ve got it uses so my conclusion on the single talker is thatit hubbubs penalize it’s okay the loudness is allright nonetheless i would have preferred a secondaryloudspeaker up in the earpiece onto our gamingperformance pub g here now if you require the

extremeframe rate option which is the best the smoothestyou need to go into the fixeds right here enablesmooth anything above smooth does not give usthis which is extreme so that’s what i willbe using when i test out the gameplay nowso we do have very good performance i’m just inmy second tournament here i got killed straight awayin the last game i experimented out before i couldeven really stumbled record one kill once and nonoticeable lag rendition is nice very goodin fact there’s no problem now so this i thinkon the extreme setting is that 45 or 60 frames persecond i think it is still it seems quite smoothvery playable and is it getting sizzling well the backof the phone’s going a little bit heated thereoh i’ve got someone right here is that a teammember oh and i’ve got no rounds that’s shockingthere he is and i’m dead as expected i’ve only gota pistol that’s the end of me it has an end screenfingerprint reader so you are only simply was also necessary tapthere to wake it and unlock and you can see thatwas about a second i will do it again very quicki received it to be accurate now it does supportface unlocking so all you need to do then is justtap the button and get it to see your face and itunlocks and you can see that was very quick nowyou probably notice that right here i’ve got umantutu now you can run specific apps that supportit in windowed states this is a way to multitaskyou can switch between them and then when youminimize that you’ll see it just goes over hereand you can kill them off so i won’t go into allthe software features because this video wouldsimply time drag on and become too long it’slong enough as it is and over to the

performanceof our cameras now that we have with the nova9 so the front-facing camera this one can shoot4k which i’m currently shooting in which is reallygreat to see a lot of flagships don’t even have 4kit times have quite an vigorous pasture this ismy arm amply increased out basically now and yousee that is quite close there that’s because ofthe electronic idol stabilization that it doeshave of course as i gradation ahead it’s relativelysmooth now removing a good deal of that setbacks andjutters that you get from sauntering speaking ofjada when i do move it around a little bit i havenoticed that just like the rear cameras you oftensee a bit of jada come through with the electronicimage stabilization and 4k main back camera nowthe 50 megapixel one so you can shoot 4k 30 framesper second with quite a aggressive pasture hereelectronic epitome stabilization seems to be goodthe footage quality itself to me likes a littlebit of detail and sharpness it truly looks likesomething like 1440 p being upscaled to 4k to myeyes at least looking at this on a 4k monitoraudio bitrate is 96 kilobits per second and ifyou move around abruptly you do get quite a bitof that annoying electronic likenes stabilizationjava that comes through as you see as i pan nownow this is very common and i see it on literallyevery single phone out there including the ultrawide on an iphone 13 pro max and anothersample now from the ultrawide camera sothis is the weakest of the cameras it’s only eightmegapixels ideally i would have liked to have seenat least 13 megapixels what is good however iswe do have electronic persona stabilization withthis which does work very well as i walkahead you can see just how smooth this is so it introduces me on to my

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conclusion now with thenova 9 now so what do i like about it well thescreen very nice it’s light 120 hertz 300 hertzresponse pace megahertz response frequency there totouch means that it’s almost instantaneous thereand it’s 120 hertz so very smooth and fluid andit maintains a very stable frame rate in therom the wrong performance optimization i thinkis excellent it’s very good this doesn’t reallyfeel like a snapdragon 778 g it feels somethingmore like a snapdragon 865 to me or even like atriple eight phone the practice the ui does performuntil you get into yes synthetic benchmarks andgaming so with app hall we’re getting betterapp support there and i can see that every timei come back to reviewing a huawei phone and startusing them again it’s getting a little better i usedto run into a lot of problems with certain appsor sports that exactly wouldn’t work wouldn’t loadnow it seems to be well it’s only about maybetwo out of ten apps that i’m after might not bethere but then i got to find them or they might notwork precisely one or two there so it’s not 100 perfectyet but rely me it’s so much better now sobattery life it will go for about seven hours ofscreen on time if you use the adapter resolutionand adaptive refresh rate you can then extendthat further a little bit more and it takes only4 0 minutes to accuse well merely under which is notbad at all so

it’s running android 11 e m ui 12 with this and i have not encountered any imperfections andof course it is a phone and the expres scold qualityi don’t have any problems with it sounds good itdoes have active noise cancellation time a singleloudspeaker however i wish it had a secondary onein the earpiece onto those cameras now so the maincamera as i depicted you from my samples it takesan excellent photo very good there the ultra wideyeah it’s not brilliant and then we’ve got thosetwo two megapixel cameras now i really wishthey’d put the cost of those two two megapixelcameras and i say this about other manufacturersphones more that are doing this by the way into abetter ultra wide camera and then our main cameraselfies on this i think they’re prettygood but they tend to be a little bitwarm okay rest onto the warm side and we dohave the 4k breast video with this which not evena lot of flagships have so that’s definitelyanother thing there so develop quality overallit’s good yes the back is plastic yes the frameis plastic around the outside but in hand thisphone feels great it’s very lightweight and it’sslim i do like that peculiarly coming from myiphone 13 pro max which is chunky it’s heavyphone very solid this thing this thing herethe nova 9 feels very good so all up there area few things that they can improve with softwaredefinitely like the wide vine height 3 cert likethe audio flake rate with videos merely 96 kilobitsper second yeah they do need to increase that itshould be at least 250 or 192.

it’s more commonnow to see 320 used by a lot of makes so ihope they can change that reparation the widevine cert sowe can have netflix at least in full definitionwith this because it does have a qualcomm chipwhich unhappily is missing the 5g of course beingone that’s used now for huawei so there we gothat there is the nova 9 from huawei thank youso much for watching my review and i should soonhave a review up and coming of the new watchgt3 that they too announced with this nova 9..

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