Best Vlogging Camera Sony ZV-1 Review

on the all-new Sony zv1 a brand new compact camera aimed at the rookie filmmaker vlogger youtuber or only everyday dwelling video ur now you all know that I’m a die-hard canon user I do own Sony cameras but I prefer Canon because I think they’re easier to use have better colourings better autofocus however unlike countless camera owners I’m not closed off to the idea of using other firebrands of cameras I’m willing to use any camera that I think’s better than another camera so when I heard about some of the features that are packed into this new Sony camera I wanted to be one of the first ones to measure it out and see if it could replace some of my other cameras so in this video I’m gonna be comparing this two cameras that I currently owned that I think this could potentially change which exclusively is my iPhone 11 and something like a canon and 50 so I’m gonna be doing some test footage to show you the pros and cons of each of these and know this video is not sponsored by Sony I’m not even undoubtedly a Sony fan but I do think this camera has its full potential to fill a divergence in the camera industry and that breach is this my main camera I use professionally is the one DX mark 2 but the camera that I use most is the iPhone 11 because most of my life is deplete with my family and it’s not very practical or safe to lug

around a big camera to capture daily instants so the majority of members of the footage or videos that I capture these days are on my iPhone however iPhone quality genuinely doesn’t compare to my other cameras so it’s sad for me as a professional to not have a tool that is both convenient to carry around and also has professional tone and there are cameras on the market right now trying to bridge this breach like the Osmo pocket or GoPros but in my opinion these types of cameras aren’t much better than my iPhone and caliber and control so it wouldn’t be worth it for me to carry around a whole separate camera so I’m actually fairly plotted by this camera as I think it has the potential to perfectly crowd that divergence so let’s take a look at the specs picture you some footage and comparison it to same cameras to see what I like and don’t like about it first off the preparatory toll established at 749 so about twice as much as a nas mo or a GoPro and about $200 more than a apprentice camera equipment like a canon M 50 which is something that I currently recommend to beginning filmmakers and vloggers so the question is does this camera have enough extra features that realise it worth the extra money first let’s take a look at resolution and formulated paces the zv1 can shoot 4k and up to 30 chassis per second and 1080 p it up to 120 frames per second and it goes up to 960

frames per second at 420 p in two second volleys now the 420 P isn’t very usable professionally but it is still kind of cool to have that as an option and we’ll articulated some samples on screen so “youre seeing” what that slow motion looks like as for the sensor width the zb1 sports a one inch sensor which is gonna be about two times bigger than an iPhone or Osmo or GoPro nonetheless it is about half the size of the Canon at 50 which is an aps-c sensor keep in mind though that the m50 when shooting in 4k harvests in even more doing it about the same size as a one inch sensor but let’s now talk about the lens it comes with a Zeiss 24 to 70 millimeter equivalent lens that stops down to a 1.8 gap at 24 millimeter and 2.8 gap at 70 millimeter but this lens is not interchangeable so it’s the only lens you get with this camera there are pros and cons to this the pro being that it’s much more compact of a lens and retracts into itself so it’s much less bulky for jaunt so it could actually fit in your pocket versus an M 50 definitely couldn’t the pacify being of course that if you demand a wider angle lens or tighter lens there’s nothing you can do about it so I would have liked to have attended the zoom stray would be a little bit wider send this the only lens but it does move from a 1.8 to a 2.8 opening compared to most kill enza’s that come with a

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beginner camera frequently extend from a 3.5 to a 5.6 gap like my m50 kit lens so the zv1 lens will do a lot better and low-toned flame compared to most equipment lenses and will also give you a lot more background blur too equating it to an iphone or ozma or gopro the visual character of the glass is going to be a lot nicer and do a better racket in situations like when you’re set your topic in front of a colors sun so this lens is definitely gonna be nicer than most rookie alternatives next let’s talk about autofocus this is a big one for fledglings vloggers and residence video misjudges and I think canon generally has the best autofocus technology with their dual pixel autofocus but Sony is claiming they are just as good if not better and they’ve included in this entry level camera real-time eye autofocus that worked somewhat flawlessly every time I consumed it in fact comparing it to the m5 0 s face moving I contemplated the zv1 had a lot more reliable autofocus so for these two camera specifically Sony does actually have better focus another cool piece is that this camera has products showcase settleds which makes when you’re going from itraq focus to putting something in front of the screen the camera typically doesn’t pick up the make because it’s focusing on my face so you have to articulated it in front of your face in order for it to pick it up and then it’s kind of hard to get to go back and forth between the two but with the Sony camera with merely a push of a button you can switch the focus mode to look for the product and switch back and forth just make sure you turn this off when you only want it to focus on your face otherwise it’s gonna be constantly grabbing

whatever’s in the foreground as for epitome stabilization it has a combination of both visual and electronic stabilization that results in a very smooth handheld shot while accompanying or accommodating on a rutted car go but it’s not model while you’re running so I emphatically get a stabilizer if you’re gonna be doing flowing shots but for everything else it does do a great job not quite as good as the iPhone in my opinion but a lot better than an M 50 which doesn’t have any stabilization at all as for low-light performance it’s gonna do a lot better than your smartphone or your GoPro and it’s even quite a bit better than the M 50 because of both the higher ISO capabilities and the better kit lens let’s talk next about colourings this is something I’ve always talked about that Canon does the best is there in camera colorings and their skin feelings and simply overall color discipline but sony claims have reengineered their shade science in this camera to optimize for bark moods and I have to say after having use it for a few cases daylights I can tell that they’ve improved it so it’s great to see them persistently improving on previously weak point now one thing this camera is very focused on is audio quality this is one of the biggest issues with beginner cameras like iPhones or GoPros or even most DSLRs is that the internal microphones on the camera itself is usually really bad and requires an external microphone in order to have any kind of audio that’s reasonable but on this camera in particular Sony

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built it for vloggers and youtubers in head and so they leant a three capsule directional mic allowing for a lot crisper audio for anything in front of the camera while minimizing background noise they too give you a little dead cat that you can put on top to cut down on wind noise and here’s a speedy comparing indicating the difference in audio quality compared to the iPhone alright check one two this is the audio that we’re gonna begin our your quality check one check one two three this is the audio caliber on the iPhone so as you can hear quite an and audio excellence and another cool feature that is unique to this camera is that the red-hot shoe is actually a multi interface shoe meaning that you can use a number of sony reinforced mics and captivate audio from an external microphone with no cables the shoe provides the power and audio acquaintance moving on now to what’s probably the biggest brand-new piece for a sony camera is the fact that this has a side flip out screen this is the first sony camera to support one of these they’ve had the top flipping screens in the past but if you organize anything on top of the camera then it’s not extremely usable so this is definitely a big

selling point and another feature that I’ve always liked better about Canon that Sony now has matched however it’s only touchscreen for centre and not for changing regulates like the Canon and 50 so that was a bummer that it couldn’t deepen camera positions on the screen and a con for both the Canon M 50 and the sony is that when shooting in direct sunlight the screen is really hard to see my iPhone is a lot bigger and a lot brighter so the iPhone prevails over both of these in screen caliber another thing I wasn’t rekindled about is the battery life because it’s a tiny camera it has a tiny battery and it doesn’t come with a artillery charger so you’re forced to plug in the whole camera and in our exam camera only lasts about an hour and a half to two hours when shooting the entire epoch this is why we do recommend buying a separate battery charger and additional artilleries so you can swap out

batteries throughout the day and deepen the dead ones while you’re filming a few other things worth mentioning it does have a wireless file transfer through their mobile app that allows you to quickly transfer files from your camera to your telephone but that’s probably one of the biggest pros of a smart phone is you can quickly post directly to social media without any register conveying so that’s still a pro for smart-alecky telephones and the last thing I want to mention was the accessory they made to accompany this camera called the easy to hold grip that does sell separately but I’d say is a must for vloggers and it’s actually designed really well pins in the bottom of the camera and allows for easy tilt and lock with the side bun and double-dealings as both a hand grip for vlogging or ordinary filming and as a tripod and it connects via bluetooth to the camera allowing you to push record take a photo zoom the lens in and out and because it’s Bluetooth even if you take it off it acts as a remote so you can record and do all those things as long as you’re harbouring the traction so overall reasonably slick set up I’ve previously giggled at the idea of setting up a compact camera that doesn’t have interchangeable lenses but for the right demographic this thing could be a perfect choice as it’s jam-pack compressed with features in a super small light-colored torso as you can for my test there are pros and cons to espousing this over some cheaper options but merely depends on

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which boasts are most important to you and the types of videos you shoot so what I personally recommend this and for who yes I would I think it’s a great is suitable for vloggers I can’t think of another camera on the market in this size at this price point that would be better for vlogging I make it weighs spot six pounds both body and lens and with the grip maybe a pound so you could obviously viewed this all day long no problem and though there are nicer quality cameras out there for vlogging your setup is gonna be a lot heavier and a lot bulkier and though there’s cheaper options out there like the Osmo or gopro or iphone they just aren’t going to compare in video quality I would also recommend this the beginning filmmakers however because of the non interchangeable lens and the smaller sensor size I still think something like an M fifty might be a better option precisely pros and cons but not being able to interchange the lenses would be the biggest con to using this as a filmmaking camera for youtubers tick talkers web cameras dwelling video errs I think this is a great alternative as well I don’t think it’s quite compact fairly and handy enough to replace my iPhone there’s just something so quick and convenient about exercising your iPhone it’s always already with you fit slim in your pocket are also welcome to conclude phone calls and

connect to apps so in that regard I don’t think any camera can oust the realism of a smart phone completely unless cameras start taking on the qualities of telephones but there you have it people those are my judges on the Sony zv1 unquestionably worth checking out if you’re looking for a camera in this budget links are in the description if you’d like to learn more hopefully this review was helpful I always say though that buying the right gear isn’t nearly as important as learning how to actually use it and we’ve built our online course full period filmmaker to teach you everything you need to know about drawing professional-looking videos and we have a free one-hour training that reveals our top 10 secrets to improving your videos that you can check out by snap over here but that’s it kinfolks thank you for having chanting in don’t forget to subscribe and if you have any further questions please let me know

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