Red Magic 6 Pro 165Hz Gaming Phone Review

hello everyone it’s spawnpoiint and welcome backto another video and today we’re taking a lookat a new telephone that launched earlier this monthit’s got the first 165 hertz screen customizableshoulder initiations 16 gig of ram at a dedicatedgaming procedure and this is the red magical 6 pro thisis a gaming phone from nubia i used will do a quickunboxing i’m going to cover the unique featuresshow you some gaming and i’m also going tohighlight some things i don’t like and i thinkneeds improving so whether you’re into gamingor not this phone could be of interest to you okay so first up what’s inside the box wellwe’ve clearly got the phone itself this isthe 6 pro and it’s in moon silver-tongued we’ll take acloser look at this in a second we’ve got a redusb c cable and this is a type c to category c here’sthe charger or the dominance brick now although thephone is capable of using a 66 watt charger andthat’s for fast charging this is actually onlya 30 watt charger then there’s this rubber gripand this acts as a dispute of the rear of the phoneit also yields it that additional shelter andthen we’ve got the manual and they’ve gotthe warranty info as well that’s itthat’s everything that you get inside the box so first impressions this is quite a

bigphone now i mean comparing this is something that my iphone1 2 pro max this is actually slightly biggerbut it weighs about the same at 220 gramsnow visually it clearly looks like agaming telephone there’s no affirming this at allit’s got that various kinds of futuristic mode to itespecially with this mirror-like design soit’s got a glass front and back and then it’s gota metal frame it is therefore feels really nice in the handokay so let’s take a look around the phone atthe different buttons and the ports and so onso what we’ve got here is we’ve got the usb c portat the bottom alongside a speaker grille and thedual sim poster slot and this actually supports5g then there’s the gaming procedure button this redbutton here is actually a dedicated gaming buttonthere’s a ventilate and a publication holds as well thenon the other side we’ve got the shoulder triggersthe influence button and another vent and then on thetop we’ve got the headphone jack which is niceto see in a phone again now around the backagain this design very clearly looks like it’sa gaming phone so you’ve got the maroon power brandin and then at the bottom you’ve actually gotthis little red supernatural logo and now this actuallylights up so if you enable it in the locations itwill then shine red and it will actually pulsatethen there’s a triple camera setup this actuallyincludes a 64 megapixel photo and up to 8kvideo now these two leaves on either side these areactually rgbs you can actually have them set upand change any dye that there is a desire whetheryou demand it pulsating we want it a solid coloryou can do that in the settleds so what you canalso do you can set these suns up to act asa notification light so they can light or theycan blink up when you’ve got incoming calls ormessages so around the front we’ve got this 6.8 inch ammo contributed screen now for what i’ve read thisis the first 165 hertz freshen that we’ve seen inthe phone and this feels rapid it’s so smooth andso fast and navigating the exchange between

screensit’s actually really nice to use but you canadjust the refresh charge in the locates you canbring it down to 144 90 or 60 it’s also got a 10 chip parade now the brightness on this screen ispretty good so i’ve had it outside and it actuallyruns at 630 nits so no topics at all with usingthis during the day now at the top of the screenthere’s actually a very small front-facingcamera as well you can just about see it herenow it also has an awesome underscreen fingerprintreader and that works every time i’ve been reallyreally impressed with this feature okay so you’vejust made it about three or four minutes into thevideo if you can leave a 2021 gaming phone inthe comments i will give you a thumbs up as iknow you’re here and also why don’t you drop alike on this video as it certainly does cure me outso as you can see already this phone is runningon android and this is android 11 alongside redmagic 4.0 and that’s what we’ll used to support the gamingside of this telephone now if you’re an android useralready you know what to expect from this so about9 5 of the telephone will guide as ordinary as you wouldexpect only if you actually enable the gaming modeor the game space is when you actually use thered magic 4.0 pieces now being an iphone usermyself this is literally the first android phonei’ve ever owned so let me know in the commentswhat you use are you ios or are you android soin terms of the specs of this telephone it’s got a 256 gigabyte storage 16 gigabytes of recognition it’s thengot the snapdragon 888 chip dts x chime it’s gota built-in turbo fan as well with a 7-way coolingsystem that’s including a vapor chamber now it’salso got a triple mic setup which you might havespotted when we had a look around the phone alittle bit earlier you can actually see herethere are three very small microphones on

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eitherside of the telephone but one of the most impressivethings about this telephone are the 400 hertz shouldertriggers that you can use for gaming that’s kindof one of the biggest reasons that you wouldchoose this telephone these little touch buttons actas an liter and an r initiation that you would usuallyuse on a controller and there’s practically no lagat all when using these there’s even a raisedbit of the phone to rest your paws on sowhen you’re not pressing the prompts you cankind of just keep your thumbs now out of the waybut to enable these prompts alongside some othercool aspects you actually need to firstly switchthe phone into the gaming mode or the game spaceso with most telephones you just open up a game let’stake call of duty mobile and you are able to merely playwell you are able do that on the wine sorcery 6 probut you want to compile the most out of this phoneso the first thing you want to do is you wantto flick this physical button that’s on theside of the phone now this will put you intothe game space now from here it will actuallyshow you what sports you have installed alreadynow propelling video games from this area willnow leave us an even more options availablenow options you are able to never have recognise youeven needed when gaming so there’s a quick infolike the cpu and the gpu alongside your networkusage reforming the refresh rate of the screenturning the turbofan on and off recording games orblocking incoming announcements so looking at the shouldertriggers and that’s what we looked at before youcan

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essentially customize these two buttons thatare on the top to click anywhere on the screenthat you would like so for example if i had theleft prompt and i wanted to use that as my goal iwould drag the little l over the aim button hereand then i would drag the character r over the firebutton that is something that signifies when i’m aiming and i’mfiring in the game i don’t need to touch thescreen with my thumbs to do so i can actuallyjust use the buttons on the top of the phone nowit also has a very small amount of feedback andyou can enable that it’s actually called vibrationfeedback now you can just about feel it but to behonest you can hear it more than you can feelit there’s also the gaming facilitate alternative so ifyou’re playing games that doesn’t have a crosshairin the middle undoubtedly call of duty mobile doesbut if it didn’t you can actually lend a manualbutton over the center here so you tap aim assistchoose the style dye length and then just contributed itto the screen now if you’re gaming you might alsowant to make use of recording your gameplay andmaybe upload it to youtube or elsewhere well youcan do that with the sovereignties or the softwareagain so merely swipe and record and that’s itanother breathtaking boast that you might want to useand that’s the ability to snap or overlay windowsso for example you could have whatsapp or youcould have chrome on the side of your play screennow this would be great if you were say lookingup info of the game that you’re playingor a leader or a walk through so all of thesesettings and more are all available employing thegame space now these only is an indication when you flickthat physical switch on the side of the phonethen formerly you’re done flick the button again andit returns you to the normal phone now one issuethat i have noticed is you cannot attend the settingfor the battery anywhere now you would think thatwhen you’re in game mode if you swipe to thissidebar now you would at least hear the

batteryindicator like you can with the cpu and the gpubut regrettably that’s not there at all but yeahplaying cod or call of duty on this phone has beena lot of merriment now consuming the contact provokes is farfar easier than pressing the buttons on thescreen something i’ve never been good atit also felt really really accept no issuesat all with playing now if you play on mobilewhat plays are you currently toy orwould you recommend that i actually playmy go-to is always call of duty but with allthat gaming you might be wondering how hotdoes the phone get does it stay cool well itdefinitely comes sizzling to the touch a little bitless than i was expecting but the phone has agreat way of combating that so there are sevendifferent cooling methods being usedhere one of those is a turbo chill fannow what actually has it has two volcanoes onthe side of the telephone which we showed beforeand it disperses the heat outside of those fansit does a great job of deterring it cool but withthose devotees comes sound and they’re not serene sowhen they kick in this is what they sound like but you can turn them off time tap the icon hereand they are able to only turn off there’s also theoption to use an external cooler follower now this is ausb c powered fan it’s designed to be clipped ontothe back of the phone and powered by the phone aswell now it’s not something that i would use butyou can see here that once it’s been powered up itspins and it goes through the full rgb illuminate aswell unfortunately the usbc cable is provided withis way too long the fact is it’s only ever goingto be on the back of the phone so the

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cable reallyonly needs to be kind of like two or three incheslong it doesn’t need to be any longer than thisbut this is what the follower sounds like so poweringthis phone is a 5050 milliamp hours battery whichis rated for a good three to five hours of gamingor it will previous you a couple of daylights under normaluse it’s capable of using a 66 watt charger that’sfor fast blaming but it merely comes with a 30 wattcharger in the box but only to note this is not awireless accuse phone there are three cameras onthis including a 64 megapixel an ultra wide and amacro lens plus quantities of procedures accessible so you’vegot the normal camera procedure as you would expect ifyou swipe to the side you’ve got night mode andportrait it substantiates 4k and up to 8k recordingfrom the limited test shots i’ve taken over thelast couple of eras the cameras are fine but it’sdefinitely not the main reason that you would pickup this telephone now there are a few things that aremissing or i think that’s worth mentioning sofirst of all is the wireless billing is notavailable but it’s definitely worth noting as moreand more telephones are coming out now do support thatso it might be something that catches you out asmentioned you cannot see the remaining batterywhile you’re in the game space area this shouldbe added it should be next to the gpu and the cpunow it’s also not water resistant now thatshould be self-evident with the huge shows you’vegot on the side of the telephone but again it’s worthmentioning now this could be a big one and there’sno expandable or removable remembrance on this telephone sothere’s no sd placard slit so whichever red magic proyou go for choose the largest memory that youthink you’ll application but yeah over the last weekof using this telephone i’ve really enjoyed it

and asi mentioned before this is my first ever androiddevice so it’s taking some coming used to usingthe operating system but it’s actually been a lotof fun now patently the prompts and the refreshrate of the screen is the big selling pointon this and i’ve had no matters at all with itso i would definitely recommend picking this upif you’re looking for a gaming phone somethingthat you want to use for mobile gaming or just asa regular android telephone expenditure smart for this i thinkis really really competitive so i have popped alink in the specific characteristics if you want to check thatphone out feel free to click that link well you’vemade it to the end of this video so thank you forwatching why don’t you let me know what phone youare currently using or what operating systemyou use so are you ios or are you on androiddon’t forget to hit that like button subscribeto the channel and turn notifications on so youdon’t miss my next video you can also follow meover on instagram and call until next time

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