Realme GT Neo 2 Two-Week Review | FLAGSHIP KILLER?

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim revaluations now in today’s video i’m super agitated to share with you a device that i personally think is a proper flagship killer now the device that i’m talking about here is actually the realme gt neo2 that i have here and i’ve been using this invention now for the past two weeks now and i think this is actually a awfully very solid device now before i begin this device here is going to land here in malaysia on november the 3rd and i know in other countries you guys probably already have it in terms of the pricing though here is going to retail for rm19999 and that is slightly below 500 u.s. dollars for all of my friends in other regions but the best part here is that you do get 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal memory so unusually very solid stuff now by real me now why am i calling this the flagship killer i intend there are so many telephones the hell is being launched today but if you just take a look at the spec membrane of this gt neo2 now you will see a lot of components that actually make this very very strong so first up right off the bat i’m going to tell you

that it has a snapdragon 870 it comes with a high refresh rate display you too have a decent defined of cameras a very large battery fast accusing good ram good internal retention and a great deal of good trash here to share about this realme gt neo2 so without further ado we’re just going to jump into the video now and talk a little bit about my own experience after utilizing the real me gt neo2 here for the past two weeks chaps so before i begin of course it will help out a lot if you could just drop a like on the video to support the channel all right let’s start off with the first time straight off and it is about the design now as you can see here the design of the real me gt neo2 is a particularly sporty kind of design yes it does look like a few kind of sports cars in my attention here i can think of the bmw m4 uh the mercedes uh gt something something but if you guys know your automobiles you will definitely recognize that this looks very similar to some sport cars now undoubtedly if you don’t like this design you can go for the more tamed copy uh they are coming in in different colourings which in fact examines more grassland or more plain vanilla so to speak so “youve had” that options out there guys now in terms of the build quality guys it feels very very solid here we have this back glass back committee now that feels very smooth to the touch you likewise have these plastic panels here which does not feel super huge but overall i found that this device is built very nicely there’s no gaps in between and it feels very sturdy as well now on the sides we do have all this in the black out kind of aluminium kind

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of feel again very solid stuff here one thing i did notice missing here was the headphone jack but you do get dual stereo orators that sound moderately loud now so i think it is a hit and miss but we are balanced with that dual stereo speakers all right so that’s just in terms of the design overall force prudent it is slightly heavy at 200 grams but i think it is practicable over the long term so that’s just the design let’s talk a bit more about the presentation next so if you just turn the machine to the front now you can see that we have a very beautiful display now size smart-alecky this is a 6.62 inch 1080 p e4 amoled exhibition that is freshened at 120 hz and you have a crazy touch sampling pace of 600 hz guys okay so those are just digits but how does it feel to actually use the display on this design well candidly speaking i realized that the display here is actually awfully saturated it is slightly very saturated for my propensity and yes i know that i can nip it in the adjusts but unfortunately i wasn’t able to get the sweet spot no matter how i nipped the presentation it is always just a bit too saturated in my personal opinion apart from that one good thing that i recognise about this display here is that it’s able to go all the way up to 1 300 nits of brightness and that realises it very bright especially even if you are outdoors so those of you guys out there who like to be outdoors this phone will be visible under the strong sunlight so that’s just in terms of the display overall in terms of the smoothness levels this is a battery smooth device people everything just responds to your way instantly with the 600 hz uh touching response proportion so you can rely on this display here

to be very smooth all of the time especially if you turn on the 120 hertz throughout the entire day all right guys so now done with the display let’s talk a little about the performance itself now apart from having a snapdragon 870 in the back here we too get a very large cooling system according to real me this is the largest ever kind of vapor cool cavity so you can expect heat to be dispersed at a very efficient level but apart from that one thing that you do not actually see here is the ram itself now i may mention to you that the ram itself is 12 gigabytes but what you need to know here is that this is lpddr5 that procreates it one of the best rams that you can get on a machine apart from that the storage itself is ufs 3.1 so “youve had” fast storage fast ram and that forms everything on the device you operate on a very fast level now in terms of gaming i tend to play mobile myths all the time now and i always articulated it at the maximum ultra graphics fixeds now what i did notice here is that even after playing for more than one hour yes i know i shouldn’t be playing that long but i realized that the back here was not as warm as on other machines now i did take a temperature gun and check it on the back here and i found that the temperatures flits about 38 to 39 degrees celsius so it’s always preserving things cool and that helps with the controlling of the processor itself so if you are a gamer and you demand those proper kind of frame frequencies i certainly recommend you to check out the real me gt neo2 here because of that cooling system now apparently if you’re just exerting this phone on a daily basis with it being so strong you do not have to worry about day-to-day handles app propels exceedingly

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quickly there is no lags no delays whatsoever and everything is rolls terribly smooth on the gt neo2 right here so that’s this in terms of the performance guys i’m going to show you a very quick benchmark score here so you can have a brief idea on how competent this machine is now done with the performance let’s talk very quickly about the cameras that we do have on the back here so the real me gt new 2 here has a triple camera setup it is led by a 64 megapixel primary sensor you also have an 8 megapixel ultra wide and last but not least you have a 2 megapixel macro lens that seriously speaking i don’t think anyone uses at all alright so in terms of picture quality that’s the most important amounts on numerals but image excellence actually depends on these on the phone’s software itself so how is it like in daylight well certainly let me show you guys a couple of shots now portrait made during the day were awesome and they look great they have good emblazons here if you demand a more colorful approaching you can always turn on the ai state but if you miss a more realistic approach just put off ai state and everything will work flawlessly now in terms of the night mode chaps this is where the real me gt neo2 actually glints so you can see through these couple of photos now that it made stunning shots during the night even when the vistums are not bright enough we are able to get very solid photos here that actually looks very good for sharing on social media so i obviously

have to applaud real me here for committing us this really good night photos that we can take on the real me gt neo2 now done with the cameras right here let’s talk very quickly about the haptics because that is something that i always try to cover on my evaluations now good information people the real me gt neo2 here comes with the best x-axis haptic instrument now what this makes is that you have those really nice short and crisp kind of vibration feedback haptics are great so you will definitely enjoy the user experience on this machine right here now last but not least let’s talk a little bit about the battery in the back now take a look at this device here you might notice that the gt nu2 is quite a slim device but actually it actually bundles a 5000 mah battery in the back here and the most part is that what was mentioned in the box was this 65 watt super that fast charger that is able to charge this device from zero to 100 in slightly more than half an hour guys it is really that speedy i’ve been testing it out and it has never neglected me so far so very good decent battery life here and fast accusing to boot manufactures this a perfect device here to last-place you throughout the entire day all right people so now bottom line is i definitely think this is a proper flagship killer so let’s go through a couple of degrees once again we do have the snapdragon 870 we have a 64 megapixel sensor we also have the large battery with fast accuse ufs 3.1 storage you have

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256 gigabytes of internal remembering right off the at-bat apart from that you too have the fast ram which is lpddr5 and x-axis haptics engine and pretty much a very good build quality with this device over here so that’s definitely a lot of objects here and you get all of these for just rm1999 again which is less than 500 us dollars today so this is very very interesting now for the real me gt neo2 again if you guys are looking for a brand new phone it doesn’t matter if you want to use it for your gaming or merely day-to-day use i strongly actually recommend the real me gt neo2 now because it is a very solid device and you will definitely be satisfied with the performance that you can get from this design right here all right guys that’s it for this video i know it’s slightly longer than customary but i do hope you enjoyed this video don’t forgotten to like it if you like the direct or sub to the channel if you want to see more content like this and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one remain safe everybody bye

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