HONOR 50 Full In-Depth Review

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim evaluates now in today’s video we’re going to be checking out honors recent invention that simply moored here in malaysia this is the honor 50. now bear in mind that i’ve been using this manoeuvre now for the past two or three weeks now so i clearly have quite a lot to share with you in today’s full in-depth review of this invention right here now in terms of pricing this invention was launched here in malaysia starting from rm1 799 for the six gigabytes of ram form and if you want to get higher ram and higher storage you have to go all the way up to the eight gigabytes and two five six gigabytes of internal remembering version that costs rm1999 so there’s two specs here for you in malaysia either you get the six gigabytes of ram or the eight gigabytes of ram explanation now really

in terms of pricing i found that the reputation 50 right here is actually priced really attractively here in malaysia it is very close to the pricing of other firebrands like xiaomi ryomi and all that so obviously presenting it a thumbs up in terms of pricing for the reputation 50 right here alright so i’ve seen quite a fair bit of videos on youtube everyone is talking about how the statu 50 is its comeback manoeuvre is coming in with the google portable works but hang on one second in today’s video i’m just going to be sharing with you my experience after utilizing this design here based on a normal android used i won’t be concealing so much better on how the gms is really feigning the experience but preferably how is it feeling like to use this design here on a daily basis so let’s start off very quickly with the specific characteristics of the statu 50 right here as you can see from the back scheme board now obviously this is a design that is very similar to huawei’s p5 0 series in fact it approximately gazes one to one in terms of the design right here you do have two super immense camera cutouts on the top left corner uh which houses the quad camera setup so very interesting stuff right there i do have to point out that the honor 50 successions right here is going for the kind of terribly fad kind of design right here because for all the different kind of pigments you have very very kind of flashy intends for the back panel now as you can see on my hands now my particular version is the emerald dark-green explanation and it does inspect very nice whenever you exactly tip the manoeuvre from side to side it does search very similar to the kind of emerald kind of feeling that you would find so very cool design here on the back body it’s also worth mentioning that on the sides here it is slightly bowed both at the figurehead and at the back here so it actually gives you the feeling that it’s a very slim profile kind of device right here and i kind of like that with the statu 50.

Overall only in terms of build quality and feel the statu 50 right here feels like a fee machine and i love the fact that it’s so slim in my hands right here all right so in terms of the back body i can’t really tell if it’s glass or plastic but i do have a feeling that it is in a between that it’s kind of a glass dense kind of feeling now because whenever i just tap at the back here it throws that various kinds of somewhat hollow kind of feeling so i know it’s probably a kind of thin kind of a glass panel right here at the back so let’s just call it the glass stay for the moment right now all right so that’s this in terms of the back panel all right chaps so now done with the design let’s talk a little bit about the exhibition that we come in the figurehead so on the reputation 50 we do get a 6.57 inch super amoled 1080 p spectacle that runs at 120 hz refresh charge now one more thing that you do need to note here is that we do have slightly arched backs on the edges of the display here that actually moves it looks very nice what i do have to point out though is the amount of fluidity that you get on this expose because whenever you simply glide from right to left the 120 hz freshen rate obliges it super smooth to slink on the honor 50 and that’s what i really love about it apart from that naturally because it’s an amoled spectacle you’re getting very good contrast status you’re getting excellent saturation grades and everything just looks beautiful on the expose of the statu 50.

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So one thing about the selfie camera i noticed now was that the selfie camera is quite small itself but the cutout for the selfie camera is actually relatively vast which obligated it quite strange to look at because you do have quite a fair bit of cutout here in terms of the display for that selfie camera i used clearly hope that maybe in the next account of the reputation 50 or reputation 60 maybe reputation can give us a slightly smaller cutout here so we don’t have that massive round cutout in the figurehead of the exhibition right here now let’s move on to the next thing that i think is very interesting about this invention here and that is the processor so what’s powering this maneuver here is the snapdragon 778 you do get ram options of six or eight gigabytes and in areas of internal cache like i mentioned earlier on you have 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal cache now exactly bear in mind that the retention right here is ufs 2.

1 so it’ s not the fastest kind of memory not these sorts of ufs 3.1 that you can expect on most designs today but it doesn’t really affect the overall user experience now i did a speedy standard experiment applying the geekbench 5 and i’m going to show you a quick snapshot of how this invention plays now and actually i concluded it very interesting because the performance the score that we got from geekbench 5 is actually very similar to the score that i got from the diamond metropolitan 1200 that was running on other devices so that’s just something that you should know here overall in terms of power we’re getting quite a fair bit of capability from the snapdragon 778 you guys probably previously know that this is one of the very best processors the better mid-range processor now that gives a great deal of operation and does not push out a lot of hot now i did some gaming on this machine and undoubtedly everything just fees very smoothly you don’t get to go ultra graphic locateds on portable lores which is a game i play all the time you only get maxed out at high but overall i still think that it runs very smoothly it does not give out a lot of stumble and if you play games like gentian impact you will be able to run it smoothly on the reputation 50.

Now in terms of gaming everything is running fine but in terms of day-to-day use undoubtedly you’re too going a highly smooth know here app openings very quickly uh everything leads without any lags and delays and i’m just very pleased about that with the performance coming from the snapdragon 778 alright so that’s pretty much what i have to comment in terms of performance and day-to-day use one thing i do have to mention here is that the sorcery ui from statu right here is very similar to the one that you interpret on huawei um frankly speaking i felt that this ui should have been updated a little bit more it does feel a little dated on the statu 50 right here so what i did was i just downloaded the nova launcher and i got everything uh pretty much up to hastened with what we are seeing in most android designs today so that’s just something that i wanted to highlight again if you are very familiar with huawei inventions or if you’re coming from a previous reputation device you would feel very much at home abusing the statu 50 right here because everything just operates just like those manoeuvres from previous epoches all right so that’s just in terms of the user experience as well as the performance let’s talk very quickly about the haptics because that is something that is very close to my middle now and something that i always research out on all devices now this is where the frustration comes in and that is the haptics engine on this machine here is one of the poorer kind of haptics engine it’s not the x-axis it’s not the z-axis it’s very similar to those kind of uh vibration machines from manoeuvres that cost you know like less than six seven hundred ringgit so if you’re in other parts of the world that is like uh one to two hundred us dollars kind of phone feeling uh in the interests of haptic locomotive here so i have no idea why but i personally guess the haptics engine is something that is so important in our used ordeal with the telephone but regrettably we’re getting a really really bad haptic machine now on the reputation 50.

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So that’s just something that i was quite frustrated with now done with that let’s talk a little about the cameras at the back here because we do get a quad camera setup on the statu 50 right here so in terms of camera sensors we do get a 108 megapixel primary sensor we also get an 8 megapixel ultrawide and we have a 2 megapixel dev coupled with a 2 megapixel macro sensor all right so the main thing that i’ve been using here predominantly is the 108 megapixel sensor as well as the 8 megapixel ultra wide now in terms of day-to-day use the camera sensor did really well in taking photos during the day as well as during the night likeness turned off really nice without much racket you have decent saturations decent sharpness i did notice a little bit of over sharping sometimes in videos made during the day but overall i think it’s a very solid camera coming from the statu 50 right here now one thing i do have to point out though is the actual user experience taking photos at night so i noticed that whenever i’m taking drawings in more dim light environments that entails situates that are quite dark the camera system tends to like a little bit and it tends to slow down a little bit as well so let me only depict you a very quick clip right here so you can understand how it feels like to actually take photos during the night or during low-grade glowing modes so due to this delay and slightly sluggish ui during darknes photos i ascertained it a little bit difficult to make very good stable shots on the night or even in dimly little environments so that’s just something that i want to point out to you guys so you know what you’re getting with the honor 50 right here now let’s talk very quickly about the video camera performance owner is saying that this device is supposed to

be one of those vlogging cameras and it does come with a couple of features here i did measure out the multi video kind of uh mode on this machine right here let me exactly prove you a very quick clip so you have an idea on how this works and whether this is actually good for your personal vlogging ordeal hello everybody this is just going to be a quick test on the reputation 50 this is the multi video function and you can see my face on one death right here as well as what i’m seeing on the other end so we’re just going to take a quick walk around here to see how stable this camera is obviously you can see that it’s super super hot out there so i won’t go under the sun precisely look at the difference between the shaded province and those under the sun very hot stuff there i’m not gonna go out there we’re gonna take a quick walk let me know if you can hear me clearly this will be ideal for those of you who like to make vlogs and all that so people can see what you encounter on one side and they can also see your face on the other so yep highly very hot stuff here we’re gonna take a small walk back into the colors country take a look at some buds over here very good weather today but it’s just awfully very hot all right chaps uh my interval from the camera is about an forearm jargon right here so if you can still hear my expression that is definitely great see you guys back in the full discus alright next thing we want to talk about here very quickly is the battery that we come in the back now obviously you already know that this device is a very slim device now so battery wise it’s not going to be huge

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what we do have here in the back is a 4 300 mah artillery but what’s really cool is that you do have 66 watt uh fast indict that came in the box now this charger here is according to honor it does zero to 70 in just slightly over 20 minutes or so so i guess it’s pretty quick as well for this charger don’t forget to check it out in the box uh apart from that in terms of battery wise i’m able to been through a full period on a single attack i notice that this device now does not use a lot of artillery even when i take a lot of photos or even when i’m apply it under heavy application i noticed that i was still able to pull through a full epoch on one single blame so that’s definitely a plus item for the statu 50 right here battery management is definitely a thumbs up for this guy uh last but not least let’s talk very quickly about the speakers that we have here again this is sort of a downside here because it exclusively come here for a single firing speaker but the good thing is that reputation dip provided us with a earpiece in the box and it is actually a sort c to you are well aware sort c earpiece right here so that’s definitely good if you want to get some audio coming out from the honor 50 right here all right people i think that’s pretty much what i want to cover with the honor 50 this is my full in-depth look at this manoeuvre right here overall am i happy with it i think it is a very strong contender coming from honor the 50 here is definitely a huge upgrade from the predecessor and at the price of starting from rm1 7999 i think this is something that you might actually want to consider if you’re looking for a new mid-range smartphone today all right people if you have any more questions regarding this honor 50 don’t forget to leave them down in the comment section below of course if you did learn the lessons from today’s.

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