Ultimate Full Frame 5.9k Documentary Camera? Canon C500 Mkii Full Review

Greetings from Krabi, Thailand. Check this out, this is the C5 00 Mkii. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been here in Thailand. I’ve been taking this thing with me everywhere. One of the first things that I actually noticed is just the build quality of these cameras.

Now, it’s not metal, it’s plastic, which is nice’ cause it’s lightweight, but these can actually go through a lot of misuse. I’ve seen C300s and C200s used on so many documentaries where they get certainly put through their speeds going through coarse terrain and rough environment.

Let me picture you something. I are truly submerge this in the ocean for a split second and watch this, here. Oh my God, did I give you a heart attack merely doing that part?

I realise sure everything on the camera was super tighten before I recorded that. No , not even I would do that. That would 100% ruin the camera. Why am I filming this at the edge of this puddle? This is a bad idea.

Hey, let’s move somewhere else before something bad happens. Here we go, I think this is a little bit safer for its consideration of the item, huh? Oh my God, I’m flexing so hard right now. I’m just like, yeah, look at our mansion that we’re staying in. This whole place, it’s nuts.

And “its like” 399 horses a night or something like that. 399 divided by five people, 80 bucks per person, yeah. Now, there were a couple of things that made the C300 Mkii really a compelling film camera. First of all, again, it could take a beating. Can’t move it in the pool, but it can still take a beating.

It’s pretty lightweight. Surprisingly, a great deal of parties are actually surprised.

When they pick it up, they croak, oh, it’s actually not so bad. I actually vlogged with it for a big chunk of this expedition. Man, the mas exactly absolutely handled me, which is actually not bad’ campaign now we’re getting so much better even lighting.

And “thats one” of any issues that you face when you’re shooting on something like a mirrorless camera. You need even illuminating, you don’t have that much dynamic stray, but that’s some of the charm of shooting on a camera like this is that you can time be presented at coarse pall and the background could be bright and it actually doesn’t seem nearly as bad. Now, here’s one of the things that really reach these kinds of cameras appealing is that you can’t always control your lighting. See, the sun decided to come back out, spoil my showing, but when you have so much dynamic range in a camera, you don’t have to control your environment nearly as much.

So that’s one of the first issue a lot of people ask.

Well, what’s the difference between this and shooting on something like this EOS R and as long as you’re in a well controlled environment, you can make any camera look really good. But when you’re in harsher regions, like if you’re a documentary filmmaker filming in South Africa and you have no control over the illuminate, you only need a camera that can capture that dynamic wander and this definitely fits the proposal for that. And of course, the C500 Mkii is beautiful with its full enclose sensor. That’s something that everyone’s been waiting for in a cinema camera for awhile now. But anyways, let me show you some footage I shot here in Thailand.

( light music) We’re hiking through the forests of Northern Thailand. My camera of preference for this hike, C500 Mkii. Am I repenting it? Kind of, it’s a little large-scale. We’re getting out to some of these remote off the grid orientation is a real treat, so I certainly wanna get the best possible idols while I’m up there.

So I think it’ll be worth it, hopefully. Now, first impressions out of this was, wow. I was really impressed with the portrait excellence coming out of this. It’s much sharper, much clean, more dynamic range and merely overall a better portrait compared to something like a full enclose mirrorless camera. Not 100% sure how it’s gonna look after YouTube’s tighten and depends on what resolving you guys are watching it on, but when I’m looking at it full screen on my 4K display, I can 100% say this is just on a entire nother league.

I conceive one of the videos I need to perform is this EOS R versus the C500 Mkii, see you some side by side comparisons.

And I don’t know, is that a video you guys wanna attend? Poll, right there, blow. Now, pretty much all of the Thailand shot, I was using autofocus with my EF lenses. And as you would expect out of Canon’s dual pixel autofocus, it play-act great.

It was very reliable and abrupt. Perfect for when you’re a solo adventurer just trying to get the shot’ movement you’re just looking off this little teeny monitor. And as long as you see that square around that subject’s face, you know it’s sharp on them. So that’s a great feeling to have. And sure, I know manual focus is still the way to go because you have a little bit more control over how it focuses, what to rack.

It’s just a lot more of an organic feel to manually sharpen it. But when the autofocus gets as good as this camera, I’d certainly consider it to be a professional level autofocus. And there’s a lot of benefits to go in autofocus opposed to manual, extremely when you’re on a full make sensor and you got that nice fast shallow degree of study lens on there.

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I planned, it’s hard to get that excellent focus. So you’re just lay most of your attention onto making sure that focus is perfectly right there.

Subject moves a little, you’re like oh, you gotta chase it. And if all your attention is tunnel visioned into making sure that focus is right, it’s very easy to miss things like what’s in your make, how is your composition. What else is going on in the apartment? Should you be getting a shot of this instead of that or that? I merely desire the feeling of just going, all right, camera, focus on that person’s face and I get to think about other stuff.

And for the characteristics of shooting I was doing in Thailand, it was perfect. And for a good deal of it, I was using the built-in image stabilization on this camera. Now, it’s not like IBIS where the sensor moves or anything like that. It’s digital likenes stabilization and I think it’s very similar to the ones you would find on a camera like this EOS R. And the room I was just handholding it, it genuinely helps to have one little padding of stabilization, so that’s when I would turn it on in here.

Oh, by the way, I should mention it does not work when you’re shooting RAW. But in the 10 -bit codec I was using in 4K, you could turn it on and it makes just fine. It does work about 98% of the time, but I don’t believe it’s using any of the gyroscopic, gyroscope. Like GoPros, it uses the data of the camera’s motion and then consumes that, duos it against the footage and smoothens out the footage. It’s a pretty good way to go.

This does not do that. And I’m assuming that because if I go in onto a really tight close up and the subject is replenishing up the majority of members of the chassis, then it tends to track with that subject a little. I notice that a lot when I’m filming my dog’s breathing.’ Cause the dog’s moving in this panting pattern and the camera moves with it, even if the camera is staying still. And also some of this footage as he gestures a little bit, you can see that the camera’s almost tracking with him a little bit.

That’s that digital portrait stabilization analyzing that formulate and tracking with him. So sometimes, it can throw off a shot. It can examine a little bit weird, but again 98% of the time, I’d “re saying it” looks pretty good. Just in close ups is where I truly try to avoid that. So for example, this is the 100 mm f/ 2.

8. The persona stabilization on this lens is actually certainly solid.

So if I’m getting a shot where I’m worried about that, I might swipe this on, turn on the persona stabilization on the lens and turn it off on the camera, really to avoid that from happening’ motive optimal idol stabilization is a physical action. It’s not gonna try to analyze something or anything eerie like that. So overall, epitome stabilization delightful, but it’s not perfect.

I would say it’s almost the exact same as something you would get out of the EOS R. By the space, funny story. We led in to go listen to that Buddhist monk talk about Buddhism and how he lives his life. And it was really eye-opening. Buddhism was not what I was expecting it to be.

It was really about merely studying your judgment and organization to time be happy and truly just be a good person. And with that comes happiness, time on the inside and that really sounds like Buddhist stuff, right? But really it’s like you don’t need external things to stir yourself happy.

You can merely be left alone, quiet and really highly content with man. So I can get behind that.

But as we were going into the temple, I was like, oh, a Buddhist monk and he was like … – Oh, I saw your YouTube channel.( roaring) Meet someone with a camera from Hollywood. Really, wait, Gerard, did you do this? – No, I did not do this. He knows who you are. – I was like, what? I didn’t even know Buddhist monks watched YouTube.

Turns out they stay up to moved with technology and as long as it’s supportive or instructive, they watch quite a bit of YouTube.

He started talking about his favorite comparison videos, like the Arri Alexa cinema cameras and liken it. I thought that was amusing. So to all the Buddhist monks that are agreed,( foreign speech ). Pretty sure that’s what I’m supposed to say.

I was in Thailand for 2 1/2 weeks, I is also likely are you sure. So check this out. This is one of the glamours of the C500 Mkii. The acces it’s influenced and everything, it fits onto these gimbals no problem. Exclusively downside is this cable that it comes with is a little bit short, so if I straighten it out, you can see it tugs.

The cable it comes with I think is 20 inches, so it’s definitely worth getting the longer one.

I think there’s one for 30 -something inches, which would be perfect for something like this, but it’s also 349 bucks. So something to keep in mind. Definitely if you do a great deal of gimbal exertion, obviously worth having that extra cable. But with this monitor set up like this, it’s awesome because I literally just tap the screen to where I want it to focus.

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I intend, these higher culminate gimbal setups are frequently a two, three, four-person operation. But “thats one” I could pretty comfortably do it myself and it’s pretty lightweight, relatively at least. So I’m gonna go this, hop on this one-wheeler real quick and let’s see what kind of shots we can get.( upbeat music) Wow, these are literally some of the most wonderful shots I’ve gotten out of this Mobi Pro. Usually the–( truck beeping) Of course.

I likewise enjoy how easy it is to swap between different ND filters. I don’t have to drop-off anything into a Mapbox, I don’t have to thread anything on it.

I literally precisely push a button and it gives me two stops, four stops or six stops and then you can also widen it out it is therefore strata a couple of the ND filters. So then you could also get eight stops and 10 stops and that pretty much coverings you for a majority of what you need. So the convenience is all there.

This is a very convenient camera to use. It’s very pleasant. This monitor is also nice and bright. Even when we’re getting hit by direct sunlight, it’s still very visible. I can see my constitution and my shots and colour is okay.

So adore that. Another handy button is the S& F, so I can press it and it automatically applies me into different made rates.

So I often have it set to 60. So if I’m shooting 24 encloses per second, immediately need to get a slow-mo shot, I simply press that, it positions me in that mode. Very convenient, but you do lose autofocus when you’re in that mode.

So if I wanna shoot 4K 60, I’m gonna lose that autofocus, which is unfortunate because the camera itself is capable of doing it.’ Cause instead of pressing the S& F button, if you merely adjusted the camera’s frame frequency to 60 frames per second, then you maintain your audio as well as your dual pixel autofocus. So a firmer inform, I would love to see it still having dual pixel autofocus, even when I pulps the S& F button. And likewise one other thing I would love to see in some of these is better high-pitched make proportion alternatives. I entail, we can get up to 120 frames per second on this, but merely in super 16 cultivate state, which is a quite significant crop.

You could still get reasonably clean 120 p slow-mo out of it, but I would just love to see 120 p in the full frame mode. Now, the acces the observe is attached, you might be familiar with it if you’ve ever shot on the C200. And primarily, I was like I don’t wholly get it. It’s floppy and creepy, but now that I’ve actually come a lot of go behind it, I actually desire it because of how versatile it is. You can press it up against your shoulder, use it like this.

I’ve had it like this for awhile. It was like my vlogging monitor. And if you’re a RED shooter, you’ll probably like to do something like this. But many different ways to hold it comfortably, so I like that. And the heavines of it, like I said, is just right there where it’s not heavy.

So in that way, I really appreciate that it’s plastic and I imagine it’s hard plastic. I convey, $16,000, I imagine they’d probably use pretty good plastic.( roars) Another brand-new thing about the C500 Mkii is that it is gonna be modular. You can see there’s a slit for a illustration back here, a viewfinder, it can slip on right here. I enjoy that the viewfinder is removable.

I never actually applied it that is something that on the C300 Mkii and it would ever get in the way of gimbals. I made a whole video excusing the layout of all the buttons, where everything is located. So I’ll link to that right there. But the more I use it, the more I desire it. I convey, you got your main access buttons right here if you’re shoulder rigging it.

Or if you’ve got it on a tripod or you’re not utilize this, you can access those same buttons here.

And if you’re using the control, you’ll too have your joystick and your main control buttons now. Joystick’s actually kind of cool if you’re using autofocus with face onslaught’ start you have a couple different faces on there, then all you have to do is literally hop-skip between faces working the joystick. So that’s been pretty neat. Now, one of the things to keep in mind is that this camera does duct the battery much, much faster than something like a C300 Mkii.

For example, this big ole battery might have lasted you, what, four hours on a C300 Mkii or C200 or whatever. On now, it’s under two hours. I think it gave me an estimate of about 110 hours. So in Thailand, I unquestionably ascertained myself trying to shut off the camera as much as possible. Luckily the boot up time is pretty good.

So I’m gonna burn her up in three, two, one and let’s see how long it makes before she boots up, hear the follower, thunder and I can already record right there. So that’s pretty good for a cinema camera. Now, you might have noticed that I did attach this back unit to it, so this is one of the extensions. You’ve got now a V-mount battery mount and two more XLR ports. So this is input three, input four.

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So we’re talking about XLR inputs with figment influence. So that’s actually awesome. I ever felt that with my previous cameras having two XLR inputs were just barely too little’ cause if I’m filming three beings, I at least want one Blue Mic and a LoF per person.

So that’s three directs. So having four mic inputs, love that.

You got a Dtap with 50 watt max. You got your genlock sync right here. Now, you still get your time code right here on the main figure. So even if you don’t have this, you still have time code and then we got remote B, ethernet and lens mastery. But merely be able to slap on this female is nice’ justification now you got a camera that can run for much, much longer.

If you don’t mind the extended width and force of this thing, it’s probably the way to go. Although, this doesn’t really add that much weight. It’s pretty lightweight plastic. It’s just the size. Look at this thing, this glances nothing like what we were carrying around Thailand.

That’s part of the beauty of this camera is the modularity of it. I probably wouldn’t mind one or two additional Dtaps out of this backpack unit, but I got one Dtap out of this V-mount battery, so that gives me two, so that’s probably gonna be running one to wireless focus and likewise wireless video feed. Of trend, you got 50 watts out of now, so you can split this no problem and send one to another external monitor and all that. Now, a few cases more things, check this out. Zoom into there, January.

.. Oh, there it proceed! I am officially now 31 years old. I been a lot of parties were like, what, you’re 31?

You seem so immature for your age. But yeah, it’s my birthday now, January 24 th is the day. Thanks for celebrating that with me. But anyways, all the shots you’ve seen so far have just been shot on that 10 fleck codec that’s on here.

It’s a very easy file to work with.

I desire using it. Here’s a few cases shots in the 5.9 K RAW. And I’ll punch in a little bit, so you can see how much detail you can actually get out of this camera at its peak concert. It’s great, it’s potent, it’s RAW 5.

9 K. It’s amazing, but it’s a little overkill for most of the employment I do.

So yeah, I’ve been joyful with that 10 bit codec. That codec is called XF-AVC and it’s a 4:2: 2 10 chip codec, very powerful. I convey, it goes up to 810 megabits per second max.

So really impressive nonsense, even if you’re not trying to get into that RAW codec life. Too these CFexpress memory placards, enjoy the rapidity on these. I downloaded 50 gigabytes of data just now and it made me 40 seconds to download it. It literally zoop! It was awesome.

Now, we got an EF mount on now, but we can also switch it out for a PL mount for some of the higher end cinema lenses.

But there are no options for the RF mount, Canon’s new lens system. And I’m imagining it’s because the flange length was too short and they needed to fit these ND filters back here. So that’s my guess of the reasons why they didn’t include that. That’s a bummer, I symbolize, I’m utilize the RF lens right now, but there’s plenty of EF lenses and PL lenses that are great out there.

But overall, I’d say it’s a excellent middle ground camera to where you’re gonna be able to get certainly professional reactions. It’s a strengthened in from the likenes character you’ll get out of DSLR mirrorless world. I still wanna say the image quality is as good as something like an Arri Alexa or anything like that, but at the same time, I’m not gonna do a massive hike into a remote hamlet in Thailand while carrying this thing around.

This is the one for that job. Anyways, let’s wrap this up by reading a few comments.

April says, how did I time lose two hours watching some guy I time pointed out that announces himself Potato? No bitterness, though. Yeah, that’s really weird, isn’t it? I’m 31 year olds, I is also likely stop calling myself Potato. I can’t wait till I’m 50 years old and still disappearing, hey guys, it’s Potato Jet.

What? Oh and by the way, I’ve also been putting a little bit more effort into my vlog channel. I repute I know what I wanna do with it. So you should totally go check it out and subscribe to the new vlog channel. And yeah, it’s my birthday, so you have to do everything I say, or else, you’re a terrifying person.

That is a fact. Anyways, I’m gonna end this video now. Goodbye

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