Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM Full Review

What’s up chaps. I am so excited today that I can initiate you this new lens, I’m sure you all have been dying to get one, this is a wide-aperture prime lens from Sony, FE 50 mm F1. 2 G-Master. Let me discover everything about this.

Now, the opening movie you have just seen is taken with simply this new 50 mm lens. How did you like it? I think this is an amazing lens. The precise description is outstanding, and what’s more is this great background bokeh. Seriously, this is insanely great lens.

So, today’s video will be all about presenting you the largest objects of this new lens, including my honest first impression for the lens. This new 50 mm lens is one of G-Master lenses, which is the highest grade of Sony genuine lenses. I guess many of you have already known about G Master. But for those who don’t know, G Master lenses are which all the technology of Sony has put into, for running immense especially on resolution, bokeh, and autofocus.

Some of you may know but there’s a new flagship model released which is called 1.

Right now, mirrorless cameras are developing very very fast. About the resolution for example, as the resolution of the camera travels high-pitched, it’s the lens also has to have a higher resolution at the same time. However, it’s very difficult to keep both of a resolution and a savour of bokeh at the same time. A settlement is to provide evidence topics cleary, but a bokeh ought to have smoothly evaporated. You’ll find there’s a contradiction.

But this is the G Master profoundly prosecuting this detail. And, the acceleration of the endless shooting is also getting faster and faster today. As you know, the lens should have enough motor power and others to catch it up. I’m sure that mirrorless cameras has substantially altered in the next few years. And, I can be stated that the G Master lenses are looking toward the future cameras.

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The epitomes are of course enormous, I will come back to the details last-minute. As the F-stop disappears smaller, the bokeh disappears large. Where F-stop is very small like 1.2, the background is almost completely dissolved.

Here are some example photos of different F-stop.

If there’s the one same as your lenses, compare between the bokeh of F1. 2. Do you watch? The background is completely evaporated. This great large bokeh is very special of F1.

2, you will see that the framework and the background are clearly separated in the formulate. You can be found in her every single hair blowing in the wind. That is this that I has been said, the rules and regulations and the bokeh are standing together. It’s just amazing. I’m really surprised.

For me, I really like the penchant of movies with a large bokeh in the background. But there are not many movies with this large of bokeh. I personally think this will be a great strength of my works to have such bokeh. One of the great features of G Master is these beautiful bokeh lumps. As the F-stop extends smaller, the bokeh becomes larger.

The gap in length of bokeh bullets is likely to be self-evident with F1. 2 lenses. Do you look? It’s just damn beautiful. They are in a nice round shape, and also very smooth.

As the resolution becomes higher, the edges of bokeh projectiles might become too obvious, that might affect the results in a bad way. But, there’s no need to worry such things with this lens. These beautiful vast bokeh pellets contribute the video the magical feeling, that’s one of the reasons why I adore this lens. This new 50 mm lens has the minimum center length of 40cm, it allows us to shoot very closely at the subject. These are the sample shots.

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As you can see, they are almost like the semi-macro lens. I shoot extremely very close to the subject on purpose, to enphasise the very thin depth of domain. This photo is a good example. You will see how well the flowers in a focus region are clearly captured. These blooms are pretty tiny blooms, but a few cases milimeters of crack develop the bokeh, and they are very smooth at the same time.

As this has a thin depth of plain, you may be worried about the AF. This is something that I tried, the simulation is running toward the camera.

The eye AF manipulates are you all right, even her attentions “re going away” the enclose, the focus doesn’t move around too much, it keeps the focus until the eyes come back to the chassis. With the touch tracking feature, it can easily keep the focus even when you can’t use the eye AF. This can be helpful when shooting an superb B-rolls, where you can make use of the breadth of field.

Now, let’s move on to the details of this lens. The value of the lens is about 778 g. Since this is a wide-aperture prime lens which is F1. 2, it is remarkable that this is so light-weight and pact. If you have a chance to actually compare with the same lenses, I guess you will notice the huge difference in a moment.

Let me compare with my 24 mm lens side by side. their change in size is like this.

This time, I prepared the camera on the gimbal. Since this lens is pretty short, it is easy to adjust the balance on the gimbal, even with a smaller gimbal made for a pact mirrorless cameras, there were no problem shooting the smooth and stable shots. And what more is, there’s an auto/ manual focus substitution is here, and there are 2 focus maintaining buttons.

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Especially when taking photos, it’s useful that you can use it whether supporting the camera vertically or horizontally. Likewise, here is the switch for clicking resonates. Even when you manually adjust the hole while shooting videos, the click sounds are like this, listen. Yup, and you can turn this sound off like this.

By turning off the hubbubs, your microphone won’t pick up the sound when shooting video.

So, this can be really useful in those cases. The filter diameter is 72mm. Oh, yeah, I recollect something about the filter diameter. When I travel shoot a video, I typically fix the variable ND filter. As I recollected, I needed the darker ND filter, since F1.

2 is much brighter than others. Which is 5-9 stop, darker than what I usually use. I adopted the more thick-witted filter over others. This is something that I want you to be careful about, when shooting for the purposes of the draconian sunlight, you should choose fairly dark ND filter, otherwise it is likely to be blown out highlights.

Okay, that’s about it.

Here is my review on the brand-new Sony lens FE 50 mm F1. 2 G Master. This outstanding power of description and the preference of bokeh, they are very unique to this brand new lens. So, if you are interested in this lens, I recommend you try it at the store.

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