Sony α7C HANDS ON & Full REVIEW!!

Today’s video is all about this new mirrorless DSLR camera from Sony, “7C”. I’m glad that Sony let me try 7C beforehand, my cinematic vlog with my ordinary daylights and short-lived junkets has previously uploaded besides its consideration of the report. So, please don’t forget to too taken to ensure that too. So, what I’m going to talk about today is my first impression to this camera, as I used to support that cinematic vlog.

I hope everyone wishes to it. But before “were starting to”, let me tell you the main features of this new 7C. This is the most small and light-weight full-size DSLR we ever lived in 7 series. As you know, Sony has 6000 successions besides 7 lines, which are more smaller and lighter. But 6000 successions don’t have a full-size sensor, they only have a little smaller APS-C sensor.

That implies 6000 series are more likely to suit for a daily shooting.

On the other hand, cameras with a full-size sensor are tend to be used by professional photographers or amateurs focusing more on a better quality of the videos. Now, 7C has a fullsize sensor, but the immensity itself is very light and pact, almost the same as 6400. I think this is the most important characteristic. I have just said that full-size cameras are for professional employment, but I don’t want you to misunderstand me.

It doesn’t mean, they are complicated to use. Actually, it’s vice-versa. For example, your smartphone cameras. What will happen when you try to shoot in a low-light situation? More sounds will appear and an overall tone may be pretty bad.

Or, when you find a beautiful sunset and try to shoot with the sky, your photo could be totally screwed up by the backlight. These happen everyday to everyone. Now, why that happen? It’s because the sensor sizing on smartphones are too small.

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When compared to the sensor of smartphones, full-size sensor equals to 30 x bigger than that.

That’s why the fullsize cameras can shoot on more situations than the smartphones. And, why the professional photographers make such a decision. Of course, all the photos and videos can’t be judged exclusively by the image quality. For me, I am not a professional photographer. However, this is the full-size cameras which allow me to shoot high quality photos.

Don’t forget, this is not the only feature. First of all, the number of pixels is 24. 2M. Autofocus is fast and precise, of course, it has real-time eye AF and moving for video.

Also, it has 5-axis in-body portrait stabilization.

Not merely a night-shooting, but undertakings huge with video shoot. And the hurry of the burst shot is, like this rapidity. It’s 10 shots per second. Very fast. I personally like this shutter voice very much.

In periods of operability, the shutter-button and rec-button are on top side of the camera. And the procedure dial is here. You can also customize 3 structures of procedure as you like. It’s very useful because I swap solving or formulate rate between places. On the other hand, this has only 1 habit button, where 7III has 4 usage buttons.

The custom buttons utilized by apportioning any gathering as you demand. Well, to be honest, I wishes also to has more than 1, at least 2 habit buttons. But since it’s width is super small-scale and pact, I can understand. Next is the most surprising for me. The tilt-adjustable display has been evolved into the vari-angle monitor.

This is super useful. It doesn’t matter shooting in vertical or horizontal berth, you can always monitor with high-angle or low-angle composition. For videoshooting, I largely mount the camera on the gimbal. Because the monitor deposits out to the side of the camera, it became easier to see the observe. The tilt-adjustable display sometimes affected the gimbal like this.

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Now I’m so happy that this is no longer happens anymore. It is also surprising that 7C has two shade changes. In addition to rugged and cool color, this is a new style with a silver-tongued top side. Pretty informal and stylish. I really like both of two colors.

For my wife, it seems she likes the silver-tongued one more than the pitch-black. I predict the silver-tongued would be more likely to be preferred by gals. So, I made this 7C out to the park and to our short excursion with us, it was way easier than my customary videoshoot. What I had been doing is, I made both of my 7III and 6600 to wherever I get, to shoot both cinematic vlog and vlogging. It’s spending to always take two cameras to the trips.

But this 7C can take both capacity. From now on, I was also necessary take this camera simply, I couldn’t imagine how that could change my shooting experience. It allows me to enjoy the outing itself more than before. By the room, this lens attached here is the kit zoom lens for 7C. “Hes also” a newly secreted lens, 28 -6 0 zoom lens.

As the body itself, the lens is also very lightweight and compact. I can tell that Sony is now focusing more on videography than before, these supplementaries can prove that. Specially this grasp and the microphone I exercised. Both of them were great to use. The grasp is gonna be mounted under the camera like this, tighten with a screw.

So, propped the grip like this, and there’s some buttons here. There are a photo and a movie button, a zoom button, and more. This grip can be connected to the camera with a bluetooth. So, you pair the grasp to your camera formerly, then you won’t need to do anything from the next time. Too, this microphone goes on top side, prepared via Multi Interface Shoe.

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Now, you’re already good to go.

What we typically do is to connect the microphone and the camera with a cable, and import the bang with an analog highway. But this microphone needs no cable, can record the clear announce immediately to the video. So, prepare the traction and the microphone, and maintained it like this can start recording. Now is also a button, you can rotate the camera 360 by accommodate the button.

I often shoot viewing like this, and then rotate the camera and the monitor like this when I want to start vlogging.

These two supplements are the must-have. I certainly recommend these to you if you’re shooting videos with Sony cameras. So, how did you guys like it? That’s my first impression to this 7C.

Since we still have some time before it’s going on sale, if you’re thinking to start photography or videography, if you have APS-C camera and thinking to take one step forward, or, even for professionals reviewing to have a compact and full-size DSLR as your sub-camera, I realy recommend you to consider buying one of this. I will impede shooting with this 7C, and the videos will be up on my YouTube channel. So, please don’t forget to subscribe to my path if you’re interested.

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